Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Favorite Finds: Etsy Style

Plush Elephant Pillow in Blue. Woodblock Printed.

Too Many To Choose From

Here's to another edition of Favorite Finds: Etsy style. Here's to having so many wonderful things to choose from, that it's acutally hard to make a pick.  Here's to the talent and ingenuity that is etsy.

Here's to finding new shops that blow you away. I love everything in GrittyCityGoods

Like this retro graphic Overlap Puzzle  'pull down' wall art.

Vintage Pull Down Educational Chart Style Wall Hanging Print on Fabric with Stained Wood Trim - Puzzle

Or this one...................

Vintage Pull Down Educational Chart Style Wall Hanging Print on Fabric with Stained Wood Trim  - Botanical Black Pineapple

............or this cool hanging lamp.

If you know me in 3D, you now that I love scarves. I just think they are an easy way to add a touch of color and make an so-so outfit special. Whether it's heavy knit for winter, or something lighter for the rest of the year, that remains part of your outfit when you come in from the outdoors, scarves are just plain chic.  The Silk Moon scarves shout pretty, in so many ways.

 Silk Scarf. Unicorns 2 Spring Fashion - hand painted

Plus, these silk beauties- which are handpainted by Natalie- are so light and airy you can wear them year round.  I'm thinking they could also double as a belt or sash, just one more way to wear them.
Silk Scarf. Peonies Spring Fashion- hand painted

This is one of Natalie's beauties unfolded. And you thought you couldn't wear hot air balloons.

Silk Scarf. Hot Air Balloons Spring Fashion - hand painted

Well, you were wrong.

Silk Scarf. Hot Air Balloons Spring Fashion - hand painted

Check out the coolest selection of upcycled shoes at Craftastrophe. This store reminds me of the 6MillionDollarMan..........better than it was before.   Now I imagine these heels were pretty sweet before, but with the handpainting you can really make a statement. If the hot pink alone wasn't enough for you.

Lipstick Love Heels Sz 7.5

If you don't wear high heels, how about low heels?

Sweetheart Kiss Heels Sz 8.5

Not low enough? Here are some flats..... though you'll feel anything-but-'flat' wearing them. These are sure to lift your spirits.

Seuss Swirl Flats Sz 8

I love the whimsical pillows and such that Laura Frisk makes with her woodcut art.  So cool.

Plush Bear Pillow in Pink. Woodblock Printed.

Look, the bear has friends. A wonderfully, colorful menagerie.

Woodland Creatures Collection. 5 Plush Animal Pillows. Woodblock Printed. Save 10%. Customizable Colors.

I just love her style.

How about you? Any shops or things you've come across lately that you've favorited on etsy, or just 'want' to have??? Feel free to share. I love finding new shops this way.

Enjoy your day and be sure to make it a good one. Do me a favor, squeeze some time in for yourself too. I plan on taking, at the very least, a field walk with the hound and G-man. It's turning out to be a nice day here, so I'd like to get out in the fresh air and breathe it in.



  1. The grittycitygoods stuff is great. I am trying hard not to shop these days. (Ok, I bought a(nother) Vera Bradley purse yesterday, but it was 20% off at the outlet.) We are trying to get RID of stuff, so I really am trying to be good.

    A walk sounds lovely on a spring day. I'll need to find time for that too. I'm filling cracks in the bathroom wall today in prep for painting.

  2. Wonderful finds! Love the scarves from The Silk Moon and the shoes from Craftastrophe! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your walk . . . think I'll take one too, since our snow has stopped and blue skies have returned!

  3. What a lovely collection of scarves! The colors are so soft and perfect for Spring. The shoes are super cute. They would be so much fun to wear. Great finds!
    Everyday Inspired

  4. those silk scarves are beautiful!

  5. I really should do a weekly Etsy Finds post too, I come across amazing things all the time! Etsy really is the place to be for funky, unique, handcrafted gifts. I'm so happy to be a part of it. :) I adore those scarves, recently I've discovered the joy of adding a simple, yet lovely scarf to my outfits. They make me feel all dressed up, even if I am just puttering around at home all day. ;) Also am lovin' that hanging lamp!


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