Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's Revealed! The Spring Mantle

A Burst of Color & Flowers, Just Like The Season

After my white winter mantle, I needed a little bit of color for Spring. Well, maybe a lot.  My mantle turned out to be all about color and flowers.

The forsythia bloomed this week, so that was the start of my inspiration. Boy, I just love the pop of yellow the forsythia brings. Then, when I was out and about doing errands, I found a lovely pink hiacynth. I'm not sure if it comes across in the pictures or not, but it was a pink I'd never seen before. Really sweet.

Of course, it smells heavenly too.  I put it in this pretty blue bowl I have, and because the pot was still too tall, I wrapped the top in a pink dresser scarf.

Probably could have neatened it up for the photos. Sorry about that.

I kept the opium jar that I had on the Winter mantle. However, for Winter, I had it turned backwards so you couldn't see the pretty flowers. It's a perfect fit for the Spring mantle.

My Mom gave it to me years ago, probably becaue we both love Opium perfume.  I got the Van Gough print from my best friend Tina because she knows I love art. Pretty, pretty Iris.

To add some blue to the other side of the mantle, I used my old mason jar full of stones I got from my parent's house. 

Then I found the chevron pottery box I made in high school. Apparently I've had a thing for chevrons since then. I was way ahead of the curve on that one.

The painting was a score on one of our trips to Ireland. We were actually visiting Tina in Blarney. She fell in love with an Irishman too, but moved there.  We were having dinner in a little restaurant in town and the painting was on the wall. I took it home with me. Love the colors.  If you're wondering, it's depicts a town in West Cork and yes, in areas of Ireland some of the houses would be that bright. Cobh and Kinsale are good exampls of towns with lots of color.

Check out the sweet violets vase my Mom gave me recently. So delicate with it's gold trim.

You can finally see the whole painting in this one, and the entire mantle for that matter. Unfortunately, I couldn't avoid the glare from the sun.

As the season continues, I'll change the forsythia out for Apple Blossoms and then Solomon Seal which is always so regal looking. 

It's one thing I love about Spring. There is always something new popping out to fill all of my vases.

Have you brought Spring into your home yet?

Have a great day.


  1. I am so jealous! I have a mantle with a huge mirror leaning on it. I refuse to decorate until we move this July. I'm so tired of decorating for 1 year then having to do it all over again.

    1. I love a mirror on a mantle. You're good to go Court, until you move again :)

  2. :( I don't have a mantle...but I do have flowers....I love spring and summer. Your mantle looks so wonderful and welcoming.

    1. don't you love being able to go outside and just pick some flowers for a bouquet, it's such a pick me up!

  3. I love all of the color and texture. So pretty!

    1. Thanks Traci! It's definitely different from the Winter mantle. I've never really changed for seasons before, but it's kind of fun.

  4. beautiful! so many flowers, textures and pictures!

    1. absolutely adore the pictures of your new line with the flowers place beside them. so lovely. you are rockin' in the workshop Cari.

  5. I love the flowers on your mantel. What a gorgeous pop of colour! I bet
    it smells heavenly :)


  6. Colorful mantel! And I love the painting!!

  7. Oh, how lovely, fresh and spring-like! Do you find yourself admiring it often? I'd be drawn to those gorgeous flowers repeatedly throughout the day... :)


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