Friday, March 9, 2012

Freeform Friday

Ever Have One Of Those Weeks?

That's the way it's been here. So I have to say, I'm pretty happy that it's friday and that the weekend is here. I'm even happier because we have two parties to attend.

One for my Uncle Norm, my sister Dianne's godfather and one of my parent's best friends. He's turning 90 today! Go Uncle Norm!

He's a WWII veteran who survived Guadal Canal and the Pacific campagin. That's him on the right with my parents. Happy Birthday Uncle Norm! I know Auntie Auggie (who was a nurse in WWII) will be there with us in spirit. I mean, she certainly wouldn't miss this party. Auntie Auggie loved a party!

Tomorrow we'll be attending our Grand Niece Sophia's 2nd birthday.  She's one happening chiquita. I mean, get a load of those sunglasses she's stylin'.

Little Miss Tailfeather is a born dancin' fool just like her Graunty (great aunt, get it?) Pam. This child shakes that booty and dances any chance she gets.

It will be nice to celebrate some happy occasions.  Do you have any fun plans this weekend? Any parties or are you just chilling like MacGillan?

Freeform Friday

Here's one from WWII for Uncle Norm. I just love Doris Day and this song:

And one with a quicker beat for Little Miss Tailfeather. I can never watch Blues Brothers without getting up and dancing to this one:

The sun is shining here, though it's much cooler today. Yesterday was downright balmy at over 60F.

Enjoy it whatever way you can,


  1. What a little cutie! I would love to see her shake her tail feather hahaha!

  2. Yes, I've had one of those days lately... wrapping up midterms, recovering from strep.. now one sick child. I am on Spring Break this week and the temps will be in the 70's so I'm thrilled.

    Thank you for the award. I do not qualify but thank you for thinking of me!

    Wishing you a most lovely week! xoxo, B


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