Saturday, March 10, 2012

Celebrating Life In Style

Happy 90th Birthday Uncle Norm!

I mentioned yesterday that we were going to a party for my Uncle Norm's birthday.  My parents and Uncle Norm and Auntie Auggie have been friends since the 50s.  We miss Auntie Auggie a lot, especially at times like these. She was quite a ticket. Quite. A. Ticket.  They caused a lot of trouble together over the years.  I have no idea what Uncle Norm and my father are doing in this picture. One of many, many crazy skits. Uncle Norm's clothes  are all tattered and my father is wearing a wig and a woman's hat. Bunch of nuts.

The birthday boy thought he was just having dinner with his son Marty, daughter-in-law Ronnie and daughter MaryEllen.  So he was pretty surprised when he walked into the Galley Hatch and there was a table filled with his grandkids and friends too.

He worked the room and had a chat with Ronnie, Jane and Uncle George.

We enjoyed a lovey dinner at the Galley Hatch.  Uncle Norm joked that if they counted up all the beers they he had enjoyed at the Galley over the years, it would probably be into the thousands.

Last night he enjoyed a scotch (or two) instead. Hey, he was the birthday boy. It's his prerogrative.

I think Mary Ellen probably got some good pictures. She was moving around the table with the camera.

There were lots of stories. Marty said he remembered getting up one morning and looking out the window and all the cars that were in the garage were now in the driveway. Auntie Auggie's car was parked horizontally across the drive.  My father insisted that if he had anything to do with that, it was surely in retaliation for the goat that Uncle Norm tied up on my parent's lawn. That goat was moved from house to house to house, eventually eating my Aunt Doris' hedge.

Uncle Norm told the story about their trip to Montreal with my parents and how he was confident enough with his high school French to order breakfast. The waiter kept questioning, "monsieur, are you certain that is what you want?". "Yes" Uncle Norm insisted. The waiter promptly delivered his eggs and lollipops.

Gar got up to tell a good Irish joke. Uncle Norm calls Garrett 'Mick' (as in Mc).  He calls Uncle Norm 'Hank'.....a good solid American name. 

Dad got up to tell more stories including the one about him on top of Uncle Norm's roof trying to realign his antennae during a windstorm. Uncle Norm was yelling up the chimney giving him directions. My father yelled back, "Do you know how cold it is up here?" Uncle Norm told him to come down, he had something for him.

Oh boy did he have something for him. He had travelled to Germany for work and brought back some Boomerlunder. Aquavit. 'Water of Life'.

I'm not sure about that 'water of life' thing but after a few rounds up and down between the antennae and the boomerlunder, my father was now hanging over the chimney when Auntie Auggie and Mary Ellen came home. Being so 'warm', shall we say, from the Boomerlunder, my father had no idea that his pants had split right up the rear. Auntie Auggie couldn't stop laughing for 15 minutes.

And then there was cake...............

.............and birthday wishes.

.......and eventually, goodbyes.

A great night all around for a super Uncle, who was looking quite dapper in his Polo vest and plaid shirt. 

Love you Uncle Norm!! Happy Birthday!

When Is Spring? 

Went to bed with nothing on the ground and woke up to this surprise.

Sure is pretty against the blue sky though.

Enjoy the day. We're off to another birthday party today. A hello kitty birthday party for our grand niece. You gotta love it!

Ciao for now,


  1. I saw your name on Sweet Posy's post and thought I'd head on over. :) The party looks like it was great fun, and the stories must have been hilarious! I especially like the lollipops and eggs one. ;) Your snow is gorgeous, we've had very little of that here in Ct this year. It is almost spring however, I wonder if Mother Nature will give us a good snowstorm as winter says goodbye... ;)

    1. Hi nice of you to swing on by from Sweet Posy. Oh the party was wonderul! Lollipops and eggs....that story cracks me up every time. I said to Garrett when we came in from the party last night, look all the snow from the last storm is gone. Then we woke up to that! So pretty.


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