Monday, February 13, 2012

Just A Note: Another Free Printable

Need To Jot Something Down?

Hi guys. If you're anything like me, your constantly grabbing whatever piece of paper is closest to make note of something. I started to think, why on earth am I writing on the back of another credit card offer envelope when I can write on something much nicer than that?

That being said, I designed a little note card to keep handy when I need to quickly write a thought, a name, a number or what have you.  It would make an equally nice gift if you know of anybody else that does the same thing.

'Just A Note' is designed 4 to an 8.5 x 11 page and has light gray trimming guidelines.

I would suggest printing on cardstock for the nicest results.

You can right click on the image below and save the image file to your computer, or left click on the image below and it will bring you to the pdf which you can download.

via Bates Mercantile Co./Mercantile Muse

Enjoy. Feel free to share a link to this post with others who may be in need of a place to jot things down!

Fabulous Farmer's Market Dinner

The farmer's market this weekend provided us with some seriously good food. We enjoyed the goat & cranberry pate while playing dominoes. Now, you hear goat and you might think 'gamey', but it wasn't at all. We absolutely loved it and come to find out, Chef Ted McCormack from my friend Kath's restaurant Blue Moon Evolution, is the one who made the pate for Riverslea Farm. Love it!

Last night we cooked up lamb burgers, wheat berries and roasted root vegetables. It was absolutely delicious. If I had to describe the wheat berries (which you cook like rice) I'd say they're like little pearls. It could even be confused for some type of pasta when they're cooked.

We had the lamb burgers with the smoked cheddar cheese, open faced on top of the wheatberries. The carrots and turnip on the side had carmelized perfectly in the oven.

If you have Farmer's Markets near you, I suggest taking a stroll through the next one. You never know what you might find and it might just make your next meal spectacular.

How's your Monday going? Ours is very windy and cold. Not as cold as yesterday though and my fire is cranking, so there are no complaints here. By the way, have you entered our current giveaway yet? There is still time!

Have a good one,


  1. ok, just FYI I LOVE your plates!!!

    1. I do too! They were my Gram's. Royal Mail. I only had a few- 6 tops. AND then.........I found them at Salvation Army for $1 a piece! how cool is that?

  2. thanks for the printable! The pattern reminds my of those old woven wicker wooden chairs.

  3. My mouth is watering! I've never tried lamb burgers, but they look amazing!

    1. Sam, I wish the pics were better. They were so, so good. The meat we picked up at farmer's market was very lean and with that smoked cheddar on top.....divine.

  4. Love the template, am going to create a note pad for guests at my home.


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