Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stock Market

Our Take

There is nothing quite like shopping at the farmer's market. The colors, the sounds, the smells. The hustle, the bustle.  Seeing people you know. Meeting people you don't know. Farmers Market has its own sort of rhythm.  It's part of its appeal. So is the fact that you get to talk to the people who grew, raised, caught and prepared your food.

You get to learn about their farms, their practices, varieties you've never seen before. It's exactly the kind of movement this country needs. It seems that Europe has been able to keep a better grasp on that connection. The US has not been so lucky.  We need a rivival of getting back to the basics with our food, having a connection to how our food is grown and to its producers.  To know where it came from, if it was raised in a humane and caring manner, that it was grown sustainably, organically and in a way that is kind to our earth- these are all really important things at this juncture in our food history in the US. 

We brought home:

carnival squash (which I used in a squash souffle last night)
smoked cheddar (also used in the souffle and will also top our lamb burgers tonight)
caerphilly welsh cheese
apaloosa beans
wheat berries
ground lamb
charred leek sausage
maple syrup
white heron's cranberry ginger tea
scarlett turnips
pure new hampshire maple syrup
goat pate
a biggo cup of fair trade dark roast coffee

We've never had kohlrabi, but I asked about it at the stand we were at and the couple next to me in line were more than happy to tell me about. It sounds wonderful and worth trying.  See what I mean? Meeting new people and learning new things.

I also have to say, after roasting the squash for the souffle I made last night, I did as my friend Kath suggested in her video and roasted the seeds. I've been nibbling ever since.

Farmer's Market makes me long for Spring even more, when I get to start digging in the dirt.

On A Sad Note

The news of Whitney Houston's death makes me sad.  Although I've always appreciated her talent, I was never a huge fan. That said, she always brings me back to a place and time--to the college apartment I lived in with Sara, Lia and Rufina. Sara played that first Whitney ablum over and over and over again. It drove us nuts.  It makes me very sad that Whitney faced so many deamons in her life. That she seemed to be her own worst enemy. It makes me sad that her beautiful gift-from-God voice has been silenced. It makes me even sadder that nobody was able to get through to her and that she's left her young daughter behind and mother-less. There's not much else you can say.

I hope you are able to enjoy some downtime today, and spend some time with people you love.



  1. I love farmers markets too~would be nice if there were more of them. Your groceries sound delish! yes, we were all bummed when we heard of Whitney's death~makes you just wish drugs were not a factor in our world.

    1. I am happy to report our farmer's association here has worked very hard to add year round markets. So nice to be able to go to winter market and find really great veg like carrots and turnip.

  2. Canada also needs to reconnect with farmer's markets. Growing up all of our food was prepared from scratch ... beans were soaked; vegetables were frozen during harvest to use in the winter months; apples, potatoes and of the like were bought and stored in the cold cellar. If we wanted macn cheese - while many of our friends got theirs out of box ... in our home is was made with pasta, and fresh grated cheese and baked.

    I so agree ... we need to return to a simplicity in life; especially when it comes to what we put in our bodies. Loved your photos!

    The news of Whitney's death is most sad. xo Blessings HHL

    1. Isn't that the truth? That's why I need to do better in the garden this year. I didn't have nearly the take of green beans for the freezer that we usually do, and I'm missing them.

      Yes, a return to simplicity.

  3. Wow. You bought a lot of good stuff at the market. Nothing like fresh food.
    Very sad about Whitney. Everyday you wonder who you will read about next.
    Enjoy your week!

  4. I think there's a winter farmers market in Derry too. I'll have to find out the dates. Good stuff you've got there!

    Sad news about Whitney Houston. Ive always been amazed at her talent. Just sad thinking of that voice silenced.


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