Sunday, January 22, 2012

One of My Very Favorite Meals

A Little Snow Couldn't Keep Us Away

It snowed yesterday, a perfect day for organizing. However, I did get sidetracked from the office organizing and got stuck in a makeover of our kitchen closet/cabinet. You see, my office is on the back side of the big screen TV and the Bruins were on (btw, we lost in overtime to the Rangers....bummer).  At least I continued with mission organization in some form.  Let me tell you, this is one ugly closet inside, but you have to start somewhere. 

The payoff was, at the end of the day we were off to my parent's for Dad's linguine and clam sauce. He called Defiant Lobster the day before and ordered his clams. He knew the Tilton's would take of them, as they are experts (seriously, these people know lobsters and clams), and woudl make sure these clams were well rinsed with no sand.

I was looking forward to a heaven. A little snow wasn't going to stop us from our appointed rounds or the table.

We enjoyed some laughs on the porch before it was time to check on the sauce.

(Please note that Maxie-dog, the family mascot is overseeing how everything is going, as usual).

Better lift the lids and make sure everything is going smoothly.

Hmmmm, looks good to me. I call it 'ready'.

Max agreed.

So did the Chef. Time to serve it up.  Family style.

Let him at it!

Let me at it! (horrible picture, but we can't have it all, can we?).

Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about.


Brother in law Niall was not happy when he skyped us this morning to say he had received pictures of the aforementioned meal. One of his favorites too.  Who am I not to share, in whatever way I can?

Off to do some more closet painting.  More hockey today AND the Patriots in a playoff game that will get them to the Super Bowl if we can take care of the Ravens.

Have a wonderful Sunday. Are you organizing like me? Watching sports like me in a little while? Cooking a Sunday dinner? However you're spending it, I hope it's grand.

Want to make it even better? Angie over at Knick of Time is hosting a fantastic giveaway from AppleWhite.  The sweetest tea towels. It's winding down and you only have today to enter, so hurry over. 

Oh So Homey Kitchen Flour Sack Towel
via applewhite and knickof time

Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for being here,


  1. Yum! Your pasta looks fabulous! You're lucky to have your parents there to share the meal with you. Mine live so far away.
    No snow here but too many rainstorms!

    have a great week!

    1. oh my duni, it was SO good. and yes, we're lucky that this part of our family all live close. most of the other half does too, except they're on the other side of the ocean in Dublin, with on sister and her family in Cyprus. It's hard being far away.Thankfully these days skype makes it a little easier in between visits.

      you have a great week too-

  2. Wow, that pasta looks fantastic! Lucky you! Have a terrific week :)

    1. Lucky is my middle name. OK, not really. It's Jean. However, we are VERY lucky and it 'could' be our middle names.

      Happy monday Laura,

  3. Looks like quite a good time and a good meal, too. How wonderful that your dad makes this special dish. He must enjoy having everyone rave over his cooking!

    1. He's quite the chef. He makes one heck of a baked stuff lobster that we all 'lobby' for too. It's easy to rave over his food, my mother will attest to that.

  4. Precious time with precious folks. My parents are in their 80s and I moved back to my home town just so we could spend time together like you did. I definitely see the resemblance of you and your mother!

    1. honestly, it would be too hard to be far away from everyone in your family. hard enough with the half overseas. but we're not far from anyone on my side.

      i think i'm actually a pretty good half and half combo of both of my parents! you know how different things show at different times?

      how nice you moved home to be closer to them, it must make them very happy sarah.


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