Friday, January 20, 2012

Mission Organization? Oh, yes please.

It Looks Like A Tornado Came Through Here

Dorothy can't be far behind. At least, if I'm to judge by the way my office- studio looks at the moment. It's scary.




You don't believe me? This is just one pile. I will preface this picture with this fact: I am my father's daughter. (Right Mom? Right Dad?).  I simply don't work in the most 'organized' fashion. Let me also say, that doesn't mean I don't get things done.

Now, usually by the end of the day things are looking better than this.

However, that isn't happening of late.

I present to you a close up of another pile, and ask you to consider the proof.

You know when you can't even think straight because everything is turned upside down? Yes? Ah. Thank goodness I'm not the only one.

I have to tackle the mess that is my little corner of the world before I can accomplish anything else on my list.  Please, wish me luck. If you don't hear from me in the next couple of days, somebody send a search party.

Inspiration In The Most Unlikely Places

Lo and behold, even in the midst of my nightmare of a mess, there lies inspiration.  I was lucky enough to come across melonheadbookmarks
last week on etsy. Melonhead is a wonderful little shop run by Hailey, who opened her store this past summer at the ripe old age of 10. Don't you love her already?

Well, I fell in love with one of her book marks.

Color Scale Bookmark / Unique bookmark / page saver / Art bookmark

I think she's quite an artist with a fantastic eye for color.  The bookmark is now mine, but others are available.  I think it's too pretty to hide in a book. At the moment it is on my inspiration board (if you can call it that, it's really just a catch all, but soon-to-be-inspiration-board).

Those colors just make me smile.

See what I mean about it not 'looking' like a true 'inspiration board' quite yet?

Well, it may not 'look' like one, but it is already serving it's purpose which is to inspire, right? Hailey's use of color inspired my latest illustration 'So is love'.

Very cool being inspired by the art of a talented 10 year old.

Other Happenings 'Round The Estate

It snowed last night. The weatherman must have known about my 'glittering prize' post the other day.

It sure looked pretty this morning.

I love it when it covers the stone wall just enough -- so you can still see the stone wall.

The dog loves it when he can play in it, and then come back in and sleep in one of his favorite spots. 

Lucan couldn't even muster up enough energy to care.

Let alone open his eyes all the way.

That's what's happening in my world, what's happening in yours?

Freeform Friday

A little Hal Ketchum. What? You don't know Hal Ketchum? What? I haven't told you we have a very eclectic taste in music? Punk, classical, rock, reggae, pop, and opera are all in our collection. So is Hal. Just love this man's voice. If you're reading via email, click here.

Have a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend. Got any plans?

Later gators,


  1. I was thinking about organisation this week too! Of the crafty type:

    If I were you I'd get lots of little boxes to hide stuff in (that's what I do - I love boxes!)

    1. the only problem with that kat, is i have some boxes i used for organization previously and i don't remember the last time i lifted the lids! maybe that means i can just throw the stuff out now!

  2. Replies
    1. Lili! you caught me. i really should be out shoveling! it was only a few inches, on top of the ice rink that is our driveway. i'm going to have to put my cleats on or there would be a fall in our future. really,the few inches we got at the end of last week and this couple of inches overnight is really all we've had.

      btw, usually my neighbor tom comes by in his tractor but he was up and at it earlier than me today, so i missed him.

  3. Your desk looks a lot like mine!

    We're getting a real snowstorm today. I just came back from a lunch date, and it's getting deep out there. May have to break out the snowthrower for this one!

    Love the pictures of Lucan!

    1. I'm still waiting for a 'real' snowstorm. We had a freak blizzard on Halloween and that's been it this year. i LOVE a good snowstorm!

    2. ps- Lucan just got up for a walk around the house and now he's curled back up on the couch. a big two minute outing!!

  4. I love Hailey's bookmark and how it inspired you. Your latest print is amazig, as usual! I can totally relate to your organization...I think we creative types have a bit of an issue with it!

    1. Isn't Hailey something? Started her shop so she could start saving for college. Gotta love it.

      a 'bit' of an issue with organization? oh boy, it would make my life so much easier and more efficient if I could get a handle on it Sarah.

  5. this is sooo funny! I have been doing A LOT of this recently. And yes...I just can't concentrate on anything properly creative until the last piece of paper has been put in with lots of other similar papers and then put in something else that divides up all the similar papers into separate thingeys......AND I did my first proper inspiration board for the two main commissions I'm working on!

    1. Let me tell ya cari, it's not looking too funny. progress is slow.

      oooo, i love the idea of having a 'work in progress' inspiration board!!! putting that on my list. in fact, i may use that little one i'm using right now, for that. i'd really like a bigger and longer inspiration board for my other stuff.

  6. Yep! The first of the year is time for organization. And what do you do with those little pieces of inspiration that you are finding in the pyle of "stuff"! Your solution is great! Add it to the inspiration board!

    1. Linda, I also have so many 'file folders' of inspiration. As I was saying to cari-jane, what I really want is a bigger, longer and better inspiration board. I do really like having things that inspire me right where I can see them.

  7. I love the feeling of being organized! What a beautiful blog you happy to find each other. Great stone wall pic too :) Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. thanks Carrie. I'm glad to have found yours too. You are is really wonderful.

      more organization today. however, got sidetracked out of the office....more on that later.....and in midst of painting and reorganizing a closet!!! too funny. at least i'm still organizing, right?

  8. Awww yes, that wonderful feeling and moment where everything has a place and is in its place. As I sit her looking at my pile (ok pileS) of paper , books, magazines,lists etc. I can so relate to this post. Not to mention a couple of filing cabinet drawers that actually need to be filed instead of piles just placed inside with good intentions of "tomorrow"... you are certainly bot alone in this .... ORGANIZATION this girl needs it too!! xo HHL

    1. well, the progress is slow, but that's ok. as long as there is still progress, right hh?

  9. Love the new illustration, and of course the colors in that bookmark are right up my alley (almost done with the pinky-pink afghan). Thanks for the tips on getting organized, with my two monkeys, I can always use tips on organization! Have a terrific weekend.

    1. oh thanks laura. not the greatest organizer....actually i take that back, i'm pretty good organizer. it's just that i still make a mess of things quick.

      i think the best thing you can do when organizing is start by taking everything out of the spot you're trying to organize and go from there, putting things back in and making a place for them one by one.

      and isn't hailey's color art fantastic?


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