Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sharing a little Santa or two,or three, or four, or more.

A Plethora of Santa

Hey gang.  How goes it? It's cold here, but the fire is going, so I'm warm. 

Gar is currently putting a new gas tank strap on the car. Sounds fun, eh?

Not so much.

I think I got the good end of that stick.

It might be just me and the hound right now, but we are surrounded a lots of cheery fellows.  You see, I have a Santa collection.  It's not as big as some. I know both of my sisters have bigger collections than I, and I'm sure some of you do too. Regardless, I collect Santas because..............because Santa is the bomb! He is one jolly old soul that Saint Nick.

See the Santa on skis? And the Santa next to him on the checkerboard stand? And the two Santa boxes on the right? Dad made all of them. Yup. He's good. He has spent a lot of time over the years in his own 'Santa's Workshop'.  Luckily, we benefit from that. 

OK, you caught me. There's also a nutcracker and Rudolf and dolly thrown in for good measure.

Can you find the Santa I made? He's kind of hidden. Way in the back there. The tin pan Santa.

They all reside on my white bookcase. I used to decorate all over but I started to do 'designated areas' a few years ago. I actually think it packs more punch to have collections all together. So, I have my Santa area, the snowman shelf and our little penguin spot on top of our game cabinet. I have to tell you, it certainly makes decorating easier and I am all for that.

Above the Santa bookshelf, I used this old Santa rug as a wall hanging. He's overlooking my new (well new to me), vintage ornament tree.  Mom didn't want it anymore. I think it rocks, complete with her old glass ornaments. I think their 'worn spots' add to the charm.

I topped the book shelf with some of my Waterford, which also looks pretty
with ornaments.

One more thing. This is not Santa related, but I am so happy with this little cheese dish I am using as a cloche for some pinecones. It was another castaway from Mom/Marge.

So simple. So sweet. If you have a covered cheese dish like this, look how wonderfully it doubles as a cloche. I think I have one more I can dig out and use this way too.

What I'm wondering is, do you have a holiday collection? And do you have something like the cheese dish, that you use in an easy new way to decorate for the holidays?  My friend Terry wraps all the big pictures on her wall with wrapping paper and bows. That's another easy idea.  If you have an idea, share it here. We'd all love to know.

Furry Feeding Fiends  

Although there is a bird feeder on my window, that's not what was eating from it this morning. There was so much noise I had to get up to see what was going on. I should have known.

Squirrely Whirly was hanging on my window feeder. And I do mean hanging. Sure, he's sitting nice in this picture but that's not how he was most of the time.
He was more like this.

He's also very adept at hanging upside down and getting some sunflower seeds. 

Apparently, he thought the food was so good, he invited a friend.

How nice they're willing to share.

Note: I finally had to go out and take the feeder off the window for now. They were acting like they were the only ones feeding off this buffet.  

Sunrise Meadows

Thursday morning, I was up with Gar before the sun rose, so I could send him off for a very cold windy day of work with a good lunch.

As the sun came up, it was pink to the East, but it also reflected to the West.

Do have a lovely Saturday in your corner of the world. We will do the same here.

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Over and out,


  1. What a wonderful Santa collection!! The squirrels are hilarious - only because they are not on my window and feeder! They can really hog a bird feeder,can't they?!

  2. sib......those squirrels were seriously cheeky and bold.

    i'd already gone out three times to shoo them away and had the dog bark at them.

    they could have cared less about either one of us.

  3. Was that squirrel smiling? Great photos! Your dad is very talented. I love your Dad's Santas.


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