Friday, December 9, 2011

Favorite: Finds.....Oh What A Party

Brown carved large mug

Favorite: Finds -Gotta Have It Party Edition

Hi gang. Hope all is well on your end.  The sun is shining here and it's cold. Finally feeling like 'that' time of year. Speaking of 'that' time of the year, did you know there were only 16 days until Christmas? Time is flying.

To assist you in checking things off your list, here's some gift ideas I found at the current shop link up party.  Between you and me, what a fun way to meet new people, explore, discover shops, and find some new favorites.

1. quilled snowflake from creationfaeries
2. walking on sunshine necklace via citythistle
3. a custom shilhouette via hayleyspaperlove

4. vintage cloisonne compact case via thisandthatcrafter
5. patchwork tote via patchworkcrafters
6. the perfect hot cocoa mugs via hilltoppottery
7. blue teardrop earrings  via moonlightshimmer

8. inspirational upcycled puzzle pieces via lmgdesign

9. joy hamsa via shellyka

Haven't browsed around the party yet? What are you waiting for? 16 days. Enough said.

If you have a shop and haven't linked up, take a moment and join the party.  You just never know who'll see your link. What have you got to lose?

Freeform Friday

I've been getting bits of pieces of my decorating done this week. The tree is up and decorated. Woohoo!  Can I tell you, I thought it was the Christmas Tree That Wouldn't Be.  First we had our Christmas Tree Oddessy trying to find it. Then when we put it in the stand, it simply wouldn't cooperate and settle in nicely. No way, no how.  So, we had to tie it off. No biggie. Then came the lights. Two of the sets where out, so I couldn't finish the lights and had to wait to get more lights. I got all of the lights finally sussed out and went to put my beads on the tree and my beads, which always go on my tree, were nowhere to be found.  We looked in the basement, then Gar looked in the attic, then I looked in the attic, then Gar looked in the attic. Viola. He found them, in a big giant bag of christmas tree lights. Yup. You guessed it, the 'real' bag of tree lights. I don't know what the bag was that I had found earlier. Too funny.

Alas, the tree was still a little loosey goosey so we had to secure it with even more twine.  See what I mean about 'the Christmas Tree That Wouldn't Be'? 

Well. It's not anymore. It's now officially the Christmas Tree That Is.

All is right with the world. My world, anyways.

A tree really gets you in the mood, doesn't it?

Here's something else to get you in the mood. A clip from my favorite Christmas movie, The Bishop's Wife with Cary Grant, David Niven and Loretta Young.  If you have seen it, rent it and watch it. Better yet, buy it. You'll want to watch it again next year. It's the story of a Bishop (Niven), who is on a mission to build a cathedral and asks God for help because he's having difficulty. He receives the help he's looking for in the form of an angel (Grant) named Dudley. If only the Bishop would believe. If only he'd listen to his wife Julia (Young) and Dudley, he might find that the true spirit of Christmas is not in a building, but in the people in your life. He would understand that they are your very own Christmas blessing.  They are what is important.

On a side note, I think Loretta Young is so beautiful in this movie.  One of those actors who had that 'something' that comes through on film.

Here's a scene of the boys choir that the Bishop misses out on hearing. Lovely voices. (If you're reading via email, click here.)

Have a fantastic Friday and an equally fantastic weekend. We are sure to as it's G-man's birthday weekend.  Tomorrow we have our good friends (real good friends, we started our married life in a studio apartment above their garage) annual Christmas party. Gar has informed me that all he wants for his birthday is a Sunday roast dinner of some kind. I should be able to arrange that. I'm thinking stuffed pork crown rib roast. However, I reserve the right to change the menu.

Ciao for now


  1. Just love the quilled card you featured... and your Christmas tree!

  2. Isn't that quilling something else? I'd love to try that.

    So happy the tree is up. It's one of my favorite things about the season. It holds many memories, as I've been collecting ornaments since I was just a 'wee lass'.

    The stocking in the front up top, was something a friend's mom made our entire kindergarten class. And the pink angel above it was made by mom mom and is my most cherished ornament. She made one for each of us kids and mine says 'Pammy' on the back.

    I really had fun unwrapping each one and having a flood of memories while decorating.

  3. Oh how cool! Thanks a bunch for featuring my snowflake Pam! :)

    What cool adventures with the Christmas tree! I am sure you didn't find them funny at the moment but in a couple of years this Tree that Is will make history :). A tree with personality!

    I hope your twine is strong enough because it looks big and GORGEOUSLY decorated :). I love the beads too! I have them in more colors :).

    We just decorate the tree on the 24th... so I will send a pic your way once we manage to decorate it... and before my 9 months old will get at it ;) I think our tree will be called "The Tree that WAS" this year :)).

    Oh and the line you wrote is beautiful! I totally agree! Christmas is not in any objects but in the heart and in the warmth of your family!

    Don't forget to take some photos of the party! :) And the roasted pork ;)

    Big Hugs!!!


  4. Laura, I just said to Gar last would be fun and special to decorate the tree on Christmas Eve. That said, I don't know if I could hold out that long! I think it sounds like a great tradition though.

    Ah, The Tree That Was!!! I love it.

  5. Thanks so much for including my Hamsa

    Great post !

  6. I love, love, love that quilled snowflake. it's so beautiful!

  7. Thanks for featuring my silhouette!

  8. Thanks for featuring in this great site!!!

    Nancy & Mike

  9. Oh my, I just LOVE that snow flake! And your tree is beautifully decorated!

  10. Courtney, isn't that the prettiest snowflake? so lovely.

    and my tree is making me happy. do have a tree up?

  11. All of the Etsy finds are really cool. Thanks for featuring my earrings in the post. I really appreciate it.


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