Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Favorite Finds

Mushroom Photo Art 8 x 10 Earthy Organic Fairy Home

The Many Talented Faces of Etsy

You'll find that I talk a lot about etsy, an online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods, and supplies to make neat stuff.  There are a few reasons that I mention etsy often:

  1. The talent you find on etsy is nothing short of amazing
  2. Etsy makes the world smaller in a good way, connecting like minded people who make things with like minded people who buy things ........from all across the globe. 
  3. We have a shop on etsy, Bates Mercantile Co. and through it, I've met the nicest people. I like to support my fellow shop owners. There's something wonderful about being about to pay it forward and spread a little good karma.
In that spirit, here's a few things from my etsy favorites that I think you'll like.

A pretty little pink crocheted beanie.

Crocheted Romantic salmon Beanie with Flower

Could have used it this weekend during the storm.

The most charming boxwood wreath, appropriate for any season.

All Season Boxwood Wreath

And perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

The sentiment on this lovely vintage cup couldn't be more sincere. I'm inspired by it and you may find it in one of my future illustrations. 

Willingly. Gift of appreciation porcelain antique cup.

MadamemoiselleChipotte also happens to be on of my favorite etsy shops. Oh the things Mdm. finds!

Could there be a cooler mushroom?

Mushroom Photo Art 8 x 10 Earthy Organic Fairy Home

Never mind the texture on the outside, but look at the ribbing on the underneath. Awesome shot.

OK. I know. I've featured her before, but I just think Cari-Jane Hakes of Hybrid Handmade is a metalsmith/jeweler who people need to know about. She is one talented woman.  I also love that Cari shares the inspiration for her pieces. 

Aurora Borealis Ring with Labradorite and Silver by Cari-Jane Hakes, Hybrid Handmade

Cari-Jane also has a great blog and is just one of the wonderful followers of Mercantile Muse.  Go on, take another look at that labrodorite.

Really lovely applique.  A rainbow of colors on a pillow, no less.

Felt Applique and Embroidered Decorative Pillow "The Flower Patch Series" 15 x 15

It's sure to brighten any sofa.

Just look at the work that went into painting this vintage wooden set.

Hand-Painted Wooden Decanter, Goblets and Tray

I'm just going to put it out there. If I won the lottery, I'd go crazy on etsy.  

Halloween Recap

I was off to Hampton last night to give out candy to the kids that braved the snow.  As usual they were all super cute and there was everthing from cowboys and kittens to ghouls and even the gorton's fisherman (a dad getting into the spirit of things). I had two heads greeted the trick or treaters with two heads. I have to say, most of the kids were completely unphased. 

Here's our family's two Halloween chitlins (everyone else is too old now). Our great nephew Cayden and our great niece Sophia. The gangster and the elephant. What? You never heard that story?

Good News

The new mega printer has arrived. It's big. Well, the box is big. Even the UPS man was having a time of it wrangling the beast. Should be intersting trying to find a spot for it.  Once I get it set up, and my art paper arrives, we'll be in business with a new line of museum quality archival prints at Bates Mercantile Co. I can't wait. What's new in your world? Any big happenings?

Reminder 1: There are a couple of days to still enter our current giveaway for a lovely little vintage delft inspired china bowl (scroll down the linked page to giveaway).  Can't win if you don't play.

Reminder 2: If you haven't joined the free shop promotion link up party, do it now. Only 9 hours left to link your shop and reach new people!  Take a look around while you're at it. You'll find lots of great stuff.

Enjoy the day in your corner of the world while I check things off my list.

Thanks for being here,


  1. I am honored to be here:)
    thank you so much..
    Mary from MARYsworks

  2. More than welcome Mary. The color of that beanie is so soft and pretty!

  3. That is the coolest mushroom I have ever seen in my life! I'm always trying to get good shots and haven't found a worthy fungi.

  4. this pink crocheted beanie is AWESOME!!
    love it!
    thanks for sharing :)

  5. Firstly...the mushroom! It is rather amazing...and secondly, thank you thank you for featuring the Myth of the Aurora Borealis ring. I am still dreaming up other versions of this - just as soon as I can get back to my workbench!


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