Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Inspired:Design and Giveaway Countdown

Autumn Honey - 1.5 oz  Raw  Honey Jar Favors for Halloween or Thanksgiving
via partingsorrow

Autumn Inspiration

I've had enough of the snow. Even though it's still on the ground and pretty darn cold out.  It's Fall for Pete's sake. Despite the white stuff, the trees out back are still turning, and the colors are delightful. 

In honor of the season, here's some design picks, first from around the web:

Where you'll find it:

1. hanging branch via 

2. leather chair and large maps,  5. wheat spray & 7. leaf bouquet via 

3. wall leaves via

4. cinnamon votives via
6. bookcase & fireplace by kuan studio via

8. another gorgeous john loecke room via lonnymag 

9. yellow chairs/teal wall via scoopit 

10.  montgomery fabric via

I really love the simple ideas. The votives are very festive. I think you could also do them on the outside of a votive holder, rather than the candle and it might be a little bit safer too. Super easy craft.

I've been wanting to find a great branch (as in picture 1) or piece of driftwood to use as part of the lighting in our new kitchen. Haven't done it yet, but it sure is on my list.

Now for some Autumn inspired design picks from etsy:

Where you'll find it:

1. Elegant earrings by BeJeweledNH 

2. Autumn honey by partingsorrow

3.  Fall tree print by TheDecoriumStudio

4. Wood wall art by ModernRusticArt  

5. Vintage tackle box from RhettDidn’tGiveADamn  

6. Vintage/upcycled brooch by dotstitch 

7. Crocheted shawl/wrap by FiloFashion
8. Art cards by annesolfud

Have you incorporated any fall trends into your home or fashion? I currently have a vintage cheese cloche/dish on display on my counter. Mom gave it to me a few weeks ago and it's got a great retro 70s fall/orange design. Next to it is our annual pumpkin from Marge. (Well, it's really Lucan's. Yes, she gives her 'granddog' a pumpkin! ).

Don't Miss Your Chance

The current giveaway for this sweet little dish .......

......closes tomorrow night. Time is short, so why not enter now (just scroll to bottom of post that is linked)? After all, somebody has to win.
Thanks SO much for being here, it means a lot. If you like Mercantile Muse, it'd be swell if you followed and spread the word.

I hope you have a great Wednesday here, there and everywhere. I'll do the same in chilly New Hampshire.


  1. So gorgeous! I love the way you've laid out this collection and so pleased my brooch is a part of it. Thank you very much :)

  2. You're welcome Andrea. Hope all is well on your side of the world. Love ALL of your jewelry!

  3. I love seasonal themes. Autumn is always so warm and cozy.

  4. Court, the thing with having online retail is that you're always working a season ahead.....well trying to. But then it kind of feels like your missing out on the 'actual' season. I had a hard time letting go of summer this year for fall, and now that the snow is already flying, I feel like I've nearly missed fall! Sieze the day!

  5. Oh my goodness! I am just seeing this. Thank you so much for featuring my shop in this lovely collection! *new follower here!* ♥


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