Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Art Prints Are HERE and Gotta Have It Shop/Blog Link Up

Business Before Pleasure: Ready To Print and Roll

I am happy to say, that after much rolling around under my desk, moving computer, rearranging wires, reconnecting wires, setting up the new printer, ink and drivers, we are in business.  Our first art print rolled off the production line yesterday. It was printed on our new Epson R3000 with archival Epson Ultra Chrome K3 pigment inks with vivid magenta, on beautiful Aurora acid free art paper and it looked fabulous.  Can I get a whoop whoop? Perhaps a Hallelujiah? It's been a long-time a-comin'.

I'll be signing all of my original illustrations on the back, so you know that you've received something directly from the aritist.  I am now busy trying to update the listings in Bates Mercantile Co., our online etsy store, to reflect that we now carry prints, in addition to our printables. 

One thing about the whole set-up process. If we can put a man on the moon, why or why must we have this knarly mess of wires attached to computers?  Just wondering.

Onto the party.........did someone bring the salt for the margaritas?

Gotta Have It Shop and Blog Link Up Parties

I'm a pay it forward kind of gal (if you missed yesterday's Favorite Finds post, don't miss the shops I included this time around). I like supporting small business owners like myself. We need all the help we can get. So, in that vain, here are our Gotta Have It Shop and Blog Link Up Parties.  They're a place for fellow online shop owners and bloggers to promote their shops and blogs for FREE. So join in and link up!

It's pretty easy. Really. Here's all I ask:

*Consider following Mercantile Muse if you like our blog. On the righthand sidebar, there are several ways to follow.

*Post one link. Two if you link one under Gotta Have It (for shops, crafters, artisans, vintage sellers) and one under Gotta Blog It (for bloggers)-- be sure to scroll down further for the Gotta Blog It link up.

*Please check out other participants that catch your eye. You never know what may come back to you for taking a moment to support fellow participants.

*Share a link to Gotta Have It/Gotta Blog It if you can. The more traffic the link ups get, the more it benefits us all. Much appreciated if you blog, tweet, facebook about the Gotta Have It/Gotta Blog It.

*Leave a comment...(how's the party is working for you, how you found it, and did you get traffic from the last party).  

*If you blog and are so inclined to grab a button for this free promotion link up party from Mercantile Muse's button page and feature it on your blog, that would be, as we say 'round these parts, wicked awesome

Time to party! Oh man, someone spilled their drink already..............

Now for the blogs......Gotta Have It Blog Link Up. Post 'em here!

Have a great Wednesday. The sun is shining here. Will do my best to get out and about with the hound at the end of the day. 

Be sure to stop back tomorrow, as I'll be announcing our next giveaway.



  1. More than welcome Stacey. Tomorrow we party at your place :)

  2. Hi Pam, what a lovely blog you have!I'll try to link up also to share my little craft. Your printed cards look wonderful too, by the way.
    Thanks so much for adding me to your blog love. It's greatly appreciated. xoxo tami

  3. Hi, I'd like to invite you to post your giveaways on our giveaway directory: Giveaway Scout ( Please submit your blog here: and once you receive our confirmation email you can post as many giveaways as you want. thanks, Josh

  4. What a wonderful party you are having here, love your blog! :-)

  5. What a wonderful party you are having here, love your blog!
    I'll be following you on Facebook :-)

  6. I linked my shop and my blog - thank you! You have featured a couple sets of my napkins in your treasuries and I just made it over here. I would like to put your button on my blog but I can't figure out how to do it. Any advice?

  7. Pam Thanks so much for inviting my new shop Shadowgraph. I have been selling vintage photos on Etsy since 2007 and am now venturing into a silhouette silkscreen business. I am thrilled to see all the wonderful mercantile folks here. Love your blog and will be back soon! hope everyone has a wonderful season ahead! stay calm and cool!

  8. WOW, what a party! I hope the cops don't show up! ;)

    Thanks for linking up all....I really love seeing what everyone has got in store and what new stores I can discover.
    Tons of fun.

    Karen, I'll convo through etsy about button!

    And thanks for the invite Josh.

  9. I reread this and it says right there it's on your button page. Thanks for being so nice about it!

  10. Hi Pam! Thanks for the link up...LOVE the new blog header, looks great! Happy Veterans Day :-)

  11. as you can see, i have tweaking to do. trying to avoid code...........excuse the mess for now! thanks for popping in!


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