Sunday, September 25, 2011

You Win Some, You Lose Some

The Winner/s of Hello Notecard Sets

Being the kind of gal I am, and being that there were only two entrants to our giveaway, I'm going to send both Kristen (from By The Book Paper) and Kimberly (a giveaway lovin' momma) 2 sets of our Hello Chevron Note cards.
Congratulations ladies, and thanks for playing. Next time I'll do my best to make entering a little bit easier (thanks to Magda for info on rafflecopter).

So, I will be emailing both of you K & K, to get your mailing addresses.

Again, thanks for being here and for participating in the giveaway.

Keep your eyes open gang, there's more to come!

The Losers

That would be me yesterday, with a capital L. Just one of those days.  First off, on my way to Target to get dog food, I think I hit a chipmunk. Yes, I am one of those people who swerve for even the littlest animals. Couldn't bear to look back, but I don't think he made it. Secondly, I lost a $20 bill at Target.

But here's the good part. I confirmed I lost the $20 bill when I pulled into the sweetest little vintage store French Door Antiques. I know that doesn't sound good, but the loveliest lady, Katherine Pelletier, was working in the store and I mentioned I'd just lost a $20. She got on her cell phone and called Target. Now, they had not seen hide nor hair of it (hopefully someone who really needed it found it), but the point is that meeting nice people is more important than money.Then I realized I actually had met Katherine years before when I worked at the Chamber of Commerce and that we had a mutual friend. Beyond that, French Door Antiques where she was working was really wonderful. More bad news though, I brought my camera with me like I always do in case there is something I want to capture (did I say the store was lovely?), but I had forgot to take the memory card out of the card reader and put it back into camera. AND, though I thought I was recording to clipboard, and I see the pictures on the camera, it will not let me copy them to the card so I can't retrieve them today. Oh boy. The fun continues.

So, dear ladies of French Door Antiques, I do apologize and I will be back in soon to get pictures of your wonderful store that I can actually post. This place really gave me my French Country fix I've been needing this week.

In the meantime, I couldn't leave without these things.

A sweet little rusted wafer tin that still had some of its paper wrapper all around, with a different picture on each side. 

For now, it's going to hold somethings in my pantry.

A pretty little silk and lace hankie holder.

AND, a little victorian die cut image of a ship. Ever so cute.

The best though, the most interesting piece, is something I bought for Gar. I couldn't leave without it. It was labeled periscope. 

After a little research, the best we can tell is that it is the prism end of a tank periscope from WWII.  We both love it. It's now sitting on the mantle. I placed a coin and a feather underneath..........see how they're reflected in the prism? Just too cool.

There was a ton of great stuff at French Door, ironstone, lingerie, tea cups, garden accessories, furniture, pottery, dresser sets, pictures, the most awesome perpetual calendar and more.  Honestly, they've been open for a year and I'm not sure why on earth I hadn't stopped in yet. So glad I did.  I will most definitely be back soon and as I said, I'll be better prepared with the memory card actually in the camera.

Sunset Meadows

Yesterday wasn't all bad. When I got home we were greeted on Skype by my was his first birthday on friday and he was having a party. Another Dublin family party via skype. Call me Martha, but it's a good thing.

And then, this.............. 

Well, I'm off to clean the basement. I'm actually looking forward to getting things cleaned and organized down there.

Have a great Sunday in your part of the world.  Thanks for listening to my 'silly Saturday' rant and thanks for being here.


  1. Gorgeous sunset!! I am always amazed by the beauty around us and sometimes feel sheepish when I forget to notice. That periscope is awesome! Julia

  2. the photos are gorgeous! great finds at the store!

    i'm currently hosting a scrapbook giveaway at my blog, click here to enter!

  3. Hi Julia, it's hard not to notice when you've got sunsets like that across the street. although, i always say to Gar about people driving by...."how can they not stop and enjoy that sunset for a minute?"

    Thanks Lori......Hey, nocticed you like the cramps! We love the cramps. Still have them in my record collection.

  4. Congrats to the girls for winning such a cute cards :)

  5. I so totally meant to comment on this yesterday, but, you know....YAY! So happy to be a co-winner. I also think that periscope is the coolest find. That is a pretty neat treasure.

  6. Love that periscope - what a find. More beautiful sunsets!!!


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