Monday, September 26, 2011

About me, follow and recap.

By the Book Paper

Fall Shop Spotlight & Giveaway

Hi guys.  I'm very excited to be in the 'spotlight' today over at Life By The Book and would like to thank Kristen for the feature. The spotlight features a 'little more about me' and a Giveaway of a Bates Mercantile Co. printable of your choice, so check it out right here if you want to be entered to win.  While you're at it, stop by Kristen's etsy shop ByTheBook Paper and see the neat stuff she makes, like these:

Personalized Magnetic Bookmark Set of 5 in Monochromatic Colors

I think I'm being followed

A lovely collection of things from Mercantile Muse followers. So awesome.

1.the cutest clothespin bag ever by hopeandjoyhome 
2. shabby chic key pennant/banner by madistreasures  3. shades of blue bracelet by meljoycreations 
4. triptict painting by paintbrushedboutique  5. vintage jar opener by touchevintage  6. vintage trunk by harrismarkshome  7. summer in parris tote bag by notwithoutannette  8. gold chain necklace by retrorevivalboutique  9.  pillow case dress by timeandagainshop 10. cork magnets by lizziejoedesigns 
11. hello tags by susanwilliamsdesigns

Sunday Recap

This is pretty much what my Sunday looked like.

Simple because it really needs to be done, I spent what was a pretty nice day in the basement.  It's one big ugly mess.  I didn't get very far. Because, as I mentioned, it's one big mess.  It's a work in progress, but at least the big basement clean up/out is underway. I'll post more pictures when the progress I've made is more apparent than it is right now.

Finally saw the neighbors at the end of the day. It was a quiet weekend in the neighborhood. We all ended up in Tom and Joan's driveway watching the sun go down. When I got back across the street I grabbed the camera.......

Sunset Meadows

......and captured these.

This sunset went on and on and on. 

This morning, there sun was making the dew on the grass sparkle.

I loved the way it highlighted each little droplet of dew.

I hope that you have a fantastic beginning to the week. Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are.

Ta ta for now.....


  1. My grass was doing the same sparkly thing and I blogged about it too! Which when I write it out sounds a bit strange but it really was amazing - I was totally distracted, down on my knees, camera in hand, trying to capture it before it evaporated!

  2. Sheesh..I need you to come help with my workshop/basement of horrors. I am trying to turn it into a girlie pretty studio..slow going! Julia

  3. there is no hope of mine ever being a girlie pretty studio. nope. not a chance.

  4. what lovely photos. Thank You EVER so MUCH for the include on your blog....oh and btw, you are being followed!
    We love ya!
    Terri B.
    Touch' Vintage

  5. Thanks for being on my blog! I'm so happy to have you there. :) Here's hoping your basement project turns out well. I love the idea of de-cluttering a space like that, but I know it can get overwhelming! Just wait until a rainy day the next time.

  6. Thanks Terri & Kristen. You both very kind! ah yes kristen........i should have waited for rain. trust me, it won't be done before the next wet day!

  7. You have such an amazing collection in your shop. I visit and peek at things all the time. I love that you feature items right here in your blog tag.

  8. Thanks Courtney, that's really sweet :) Have I told you lately that I LOVE my Obscure Heliotrope soap?? 'The mutual admiration club meeting will now come to order.'


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