Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gray, Rainy Thursday

Papercut Postcard Tea Invitation Honeysuckle Pink
copyright Ashely Pahl

No Sun Today, Thank Goodness for Favorite Finds

Though I can't complain considering the weather the rest of the week, today is an ugly day. A day made for your wellies.

It's also a day when I need another cuppa tea.

No sun makes it hard to wake up. Add to that the fact that I'm a night owl, not an early bird and you'll understand whey I need another cuppa tea, and something bright to put a little pep in my step.

Here's some bright happy favorite finds from fellow etsy shop owners. Check it might need your sun glasses.

1. Happy new blue flower braclet, from a vintage piece. by beevintageredux   
2. One of my favorites, it's a big one for my Mom to sing to any new babies.  And how can that paper cut postcard not brighten your day? How does she do that without making a mess of the paper?  by ashleypahl
3. Love Matryoshkas, they're just colorful and cute. by sewZinski 
4. Foxy Loxy, pudding and pie, little fellow makes me smile.
5. Pow! Sapphire blue, in a purse. Love. by milloo
6. Frida Kahlo inspired. She's one of my favorite artists- colorful and surreal, and sometimes macabre and this is a lovely 'ode to Frida'. by SuzannesStudio
7. Check out the pom poms and lace on this fun cuff,
love color mixed with black accents.  by lindecise
8. Elephants might usually be gray, but not this one.  by honestworks
9. Did I say I love color against black already? 
Fun, happy, swirly whirly.  by sometimesiswirl 

Walk With No Pictures

I was trying to beat the rain yesterday, so I didn't download pictures of my camera to make room for field walk shots from last night. Plus, I just didn't feel like having something in my other hand.  Good thing. Got to the top of the hill with the hound, three deer just waiting for us. Two good size does, and one smaller kiddo.  (Can you believe I didn't have my camera to capture them?) Both mommas looked up with their ears perked up and checked us out. The little one didn't notice us until Lucan noticed them and started making a 'I'm gonna get you' kind of fuss. I was very glad I had both hands to hang onto the leash as the three of them bounced off into the woods with their white tails wagging.  Exactly why we keep him on the leash until we get to the top of the hill to see what's down in the lower end.

Other than that, it was pretty quiet in the field last night.  Just one biggo dragonfly scooting around with his tail tucked under, which looked pretty funny. I did find one feather and if I had to guess I'd say it was from the red tail hawk that hangs out there. It's very downy soft, so not a full grown feather. It's now in the nest with my other feather finds.

That's it in my part of the world, what's happening in yours? Got any sun?

Make it a great day, and take a moment to check out the colorful shops featured in today's favorite finds.

Thanks for being here.


  1. Rain, rain, rain again here, too. But you know how I love my tea! I think I'm off to try that apple cider/Earl gray Martha suggestion. Enjoy your day despite the rain!

  2. Lovely rainy day finds Pam. Thank you so much for including our fox print.

  3. Your finds definitely brightened up my spirit. Thanks for adding our elephant jar to the collection!Blessings, The SouthernMost U.S. Potter's

  4. oh i LOVE this, thank you so so much! :)

  5. In my city: sun, sun, sun. I will send you some ;-)

    I prefer coffee ... a lot of coffee!!! Especially in the morning.
    And I want to nr 1 (a bracelet) and nr 5 (blue bag) ;-))

    And.. you now… I discovered google translator ;-)

  6. Kristen, we still had sun yesterday so i'm not as wet as you. Hoping for sun tomorrow!that tea sounds yummy.

    Jana, Oh awesome! i was going to tell you about translator as I found on another site this week. guess i should put on here too! i'll check it out and your blog again.

    well, enjoy the sun......glad someone's got it.

    i'm a tea girl. i like coffee but i gotta have my tea.

    Etsy Peeps.........more than welcome, keep up the good work!!

  7. Lovely article and your selections are all beautiful.I am glad that my bag is included

    Thank you :)

  8. I wish it was rainy here. It’s been ~100 degree every day…definitely doesn’t feel like fall!

  9. Kon, I'm glad your bag is included too, it's one of my fave colors. the color of my kitchen for about 12 years. seriously.

    sam, it was weird here.........humid, but about 70. is it cool? is it hot? you just couldn't decide.

  10. We've been lucky enough not to get too many of those grey days over here, yet!

  11. The skies finally opened up last night and it lashed!!! Poured down from the heavens, thunder, lightning. This morning, you'd never know. The sun is shining and it's a glorious day!

  12. The skies here have been nothing but shades of gray for what feels like weeks. But these finds are sure a bright spot! Thank you so much for including my bracelet :)
    You have yourself quite a delightful little blog here!

  13. Well Heather, we had a couple of really nice days last week. But today......UGLY. lashing rain all day. Nice to revist this post and brighten things up. Thanks for you kind words about the Muse.


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