Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inspired: Design

photo by Catherine Gratwicke

Inspired: Design. HOME INTERIORS.

I have a very ecclectic taste in design, which is evidenced in the things we sell in our etsy shop, Bates Mercantile Co. My loves range from neutrals to brights, vintage to new, french country to modern, classic and rustic, industrial to romantic. Throw in a heaping dose of bohemian flair for good measure and balance.  These interiors and accents speak to me, all for different reasons.
1. That fabulous wood table/chairs and mobile/chandelier love (I never would have thought of that, and it seems such an obvious way to display those wonderful glass globes- even without lighting incorporated). 
 2. That headboard! Wow, what a color. That bedspread. Wow, what color. And I love the juxtaposition of the bright, modern colors with the aged mirror. 
3. The Flora Doora, a sack for your flowers you can hang on any door or is lined with plastic so you can fill with water. Smart and very pretty. 4. The bohemian casual but worldly comfort of that couch and pillows. 
5. Gorgeous staircase.
6. A bed to stay in all day. I don't think I'd get up. 
7. This artist's home makes what others would see as 'needing to be painted', simply beautiful. The ceiling has a touch of sadness, but when combined with the other pops of color in the room, it makes me happy. 
It's all about style. 

Take A Walk With Us

We have really lucked out weather-wise this week. Though we may see rain later, right now the sun is shining just like it was yesterday for our walk.

I think my favorite shot from yesterday's walk is the much maligned dandelion, looking so very pretty. Would you have known that little pop of sunshine was a dandelion?  Really, not sure where the geese where going......they were flying North and were missing the other half of the V formation.  It made me chuckle to myself.

Sunset Meadows

Did you get a chance to sneak away from your desk yesterday? What did you do?

Enjoy this day no matter where you are, and as my friend Kath would say........

Bright blessings,

PS- I finally designed some Mercantile Muse buttons, and they are on the new 'Muse Buttons' page. Grab them from there if you'd like one for your website.  FYI- I will be adding more sizes.


  1. Yesterday I had a lovely date ... away from a desk ;-))
    Have a nice day :-)

  2. Wow.............lucky you!! I need a 'date' like that. I think I have to leave the house to fully accomplish that. The woes of having a home office Jana. You have a good day too.

  3. Some really beautiful photos.. I think I will today take my husband for a walk somewhere we can watch sunset.. I don't know when I did that for the last time..

  4. ahhh wednesdays, no school in France (I know, how fabulous for them, 2 days, then no school, then 2 days then the weekend!), so it was football, a birthday party and a bit of surfing. Oh, and I managed 1 hour at my workbench. Love the confused Canada geese.

  5. Marina, I'd love to know if you found a good sunset spot. We're just lucky we don't have to leave the house which I am eternally grateful for, but I know others are so lucky.

    Cari-Jane......what? no school on Wednesdays? Wow. Surfing, eh? Never had the guts to try it. Not big on learning new things in front of other people. And you certainly can't tell everyone to get off the beach!BTW, by the looks of your shop, you've been spending loads of time at your bench lately. Awesome stuff. That dark labradorite is amazing.


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