Friday, August 26, 2011

Time Is Fleeting

Vogue Alarm Clock Vintage & Shabby

Not for very much longer.........
(that was just for any fellow Rocky Horror Picture Show Fans)

I think I've noticed a trend. I was looking at some of my favorite items on etsy. In case you don't know, etsy is an online marketplace for all things handmade and vintage, as well as supplies to make things. Well, what I've noticed is, I seem to have a thing for clocks. Mostly old.

I came across the first two just this morning.

Clock, Vintage, Art Deco, White, Westinghouse,  Alarm Clock, Timer by quirkyessentials on Etsy
copyright quirkyessentials

Love the rounded corners, and the start and stop clocks featured on the face.

Ooooo, rusty and old.

Vogue Alarm Clock Vintage & Shabby
copyright sorrythankyou79

Anything aged speaks to me.

Look at this one.........very unique.

Shabby Chic Cottage  Paper Medallion Wall Clock Birds Green Lavender Pink
Copyright shoponalark

Can you believe this clock is made from paper? Really. It is.

Ah, a Zenith classic.

Zenith Tube Clock Radio in Bakelite Case
Copyright 4eyesandears

Apparently the King liked this clock too. Actually he hated getting up to an alarm clock.

I don't really know that, but it is typical rock star M.O.

Is this a clock or a hygrometer? Clock? Hygrometer?

Vintage Upcycled Brass Hygrometer Clock
Copyright Susantique

Well, once it was a hygrometer. Now it's a clock. Will have to look into what a hygrometer is unless one of you nice people can enlighten me.

Just love this one.

Vintage Desk Clock Brass Home Decor
Copyright ElmPlace

It's been a favorite for quite awhile...........oh, and look, it's still available. Maybe it's time to go shopping.

The funniest thing about this newly discovered love of clocks is, I don't even wear a watch! 

Hurricane Watch

If you're in the line of Hurricane Irene, batten down the hatches and make sure you've got batteries, candles, and most importantly.....WATER. We will be, even though she could be weakened when she gets to us.  Tomorrow's agenda, remove anything and everything from the yard that could become a flying projectile, including taking our screen house down (which we'll probably put up again once the storm passes). Better to be prepared.

I received a recorded message on the phone this week. I'd normally hang up. But this was from Salvation Army, one of the organizations I normally support. I was sure glad I didn't hang up. They are opening a store tomorrow a few miles away and I hadn't heard or read anything about it. I may have to fight the crowds to see if their are any bargains calling my name.

Have a great Friday in your corner of the world. Please tell, what are you plans? Are they more exciting than ours?

Ciao for now


  1. What a fantastic clock collection! Thank you so much for featuring my Paper Medallion Bird clock!

  2. Just love it unique. Plus, I love birds!

    Thanks for stopping by the muse.

  3. MMM I love clocks too! Thanks for featuring my art deco clock in this lovely collection!


  4. That clock nearly looks like some sort of time clock Kristal......very cool.

  5. Sal val stores rock. its good to hear there will be one a just a jump to the left, and a step to the right from you.

  6. Great clocks!
    PS new follower - EBT :)

  7. Mitch, I was going to Rocky Horror in college with a friend and some friends of hers I hadn't met. Gar was one of the friends I 'hadn't met'. It was rocky horror kismet.

    Ioana, thanks for following the muse! Welcome.......I look forward to getting to know you and your etsy're flowers are awesome and 'happy'.


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