Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What Inspires You Wednesday

Supporting Each Other, Literally & Figuratively


Living just an hour out of Boston, the coverage of this marathon, as in year's past has been extensive. Given the tragic events of last year's  marathon, they've been even more intense. I've already talked a lot about how the survivors of last year's bombings inspire me, but what also inspires me are the story that come out of the marathon every year. Stories of people raising money for worth causes;  the huge volunteer force it takes to put on an event of this magnitude; the stories of the dedication it takes to train for such an event, and also of the camaraderie and support between runners.

I don't know if anybody else caught this story, but close to the finish line just past The Forum Restaurant where one of the bombs exploded last year, a runner was about to collapse.  One of the runners behind him noticed this and didn't think twice about his 'race time'. Instead he took action while he thought about what finishing meant to him, and knowing it surely meant as much to his fellow runner. He hooked the fading runner's arms around his neck and tried to help him walk, but the man was near collapse at this point. As runners continued to stream towards the finish line, another stopped to help the first man aid their fellow runner seeing that the first man couldn't hold him up any longer as he himself was exhausted. Then, another runner. And one more at which time they began to carry the ailing runner towards the finish line. Eventually, the man convinced them to put him down so he could at least walk across the line, and this they did.... together.  View the story here and the video here.

It makes me teary eyed, knowing that there are still people who put others before themselves and will help the guy next to them, simply because he needs it.  Just awesome.


I received an email the other day from a fellow etsy shop owner, Meredith Jordan of Wild Woman Beads. It made my day.

"Pam,  I was moving in January, and my life has been spinning ever since, so some things got wait listed until I could get to them. One of those things was your new magazine. It's FABULOUS! All your talents come together in this publication. I loved it.  I'm very excited for you. This is brilliant."

Thanks Meredith! You rock for taking the time to send me an email. It really meant a lot especially as I've been formulating ideas for the next issue. It came at the perfect time.

So, with Meredith's words came the thought that perhaps there are some of you who may be able to help me make the Summer Edition of the muse even better than the first, because that is my mission.  I want the next issue of the muse to continue to explore creative living while improving the design, including more content  (that is local, national, and international), and of course reach a wider and bigger readership.

All that considered, I'm asking for your help and announcing a Call For Contributors!

If you think you have an idea for article/feature that would be a good fit for the muse, I'd love to hear it.  As outlined above, I will consider all ideas, however not all will be the right fit for the muse.  Keep a few things in mind when submitting ideas: the focus of the muse is exploring creative living and living the good life; the look is clean, modern, simple, with a slant toward creatives and higher end markets; excellent photography and writing is a must.  

I already have story possibilities lined up that include features on a wine consultancy in Los Angeles,  a building reclaimer and furniture maker in Raleigh, and a jewelry maker in Boston.
I'm excited to start picking away at it and welcome the opportunity to not only receive support from my fellow creatives, but also offer support and exposure to them.

I'd love to hear what you think about the whole idea of the muse including contributors as well as the topics outlined. If you have any ideas for other muse-worthy topics, do tell. 

By the way.............what's inspiring you today?

Despite the rain here, it's a damn fine day to have. So make it great, ok?

Ciao for now,



  1. this is a really inspiring post for me! i guess that's kind of self explanatory given this series, but still. i appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the stories that have emerged in the last year--it's always amazing to me to see people's selfless courage, that they don't even give a second thought to, yet it's a rare trait to have. i always think about how each and every person has a story to tell--every person who attended that event, who knew a someone affected, who simply saw it on the news, etc. and it's important to hear them all.

    anyways, i loved your first issue and that you're putting a call for contributors! i hope i can put something together that will work for your next!

    1. oops, commented from the wrong account again!

    2. I knew it was you regardless :) It really is amazing to see people just step up when the have to, not because they're asked but becuase it's the right thing to do. And I agree, just like with 9/11, I think it's important to hear the stories. Shoot me an email with any ideas you have for a feature in the muse! I'd love to hear it.

  2. Hi Pamela,
    What a lovely blog you have here.
    I will be visiting more often.
    Hope you day was brilliant.

    1. Thanks Hildi, happy to discovered yours as well via the lovely Diana! make it a great day

  3. hmm, looking forward to seeing it, but I think given that our summer is ending, and I really don't have anything inspiring from the summer I'm going to have to sit this one out. :( Now If we had moved already, I potentially would have had a whole swag of Australian desert photos to add to the mix....but alas, not to be...not yet.

    1. I know, opposite sides of the earth. what to do. however, you do have a lot of wonderful photography from far away places...............just saying.

  4. don't you wish our daily news was filled with stories like this? I'm sure there are many, just never reported. I missed your first edition. anyway I can still get it?

    1. Hi Debbi, yes, I know- for every horrific news story they show, they should balance it out with the good and perhaps the balance of the good over bad would grow. it couldn't hurt. You can access the first issue of the muse at the top of the sidebar to the right. A hardcopy of the magazine can also be ordered. I was pretty happy with the ones I ordered. They did a decent job printing and defintely fun to see it in print.


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