Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Brief Interlude With Miss Hayworth

Busy, Busy Day

Hi gang. It would normally be the Gotta Have It/Gotta Blog It link party today, but my day is jam packed. Full to the brim so to speak.

So instead, I'm sharing the video my Dad just sent me.

It's of the lovely Miss Hayworth.

You see, there's more to Miss Hayworth than meets the eye, which is quite a bit to begin with as many a man from her generation can tell you.

She made them swoon. For good reason.

Now Gar said recently, he wasn't so sure that he thought Rita was 'all that'.

Then I showed him this clip and he started singing a different tune.

One flip of the hair, one word and she was immortalized for ever in Gilda. (click here if reading by email).

The thing about Rita was that, she wasn't just beautiful. She wasn't just a good actress. This girl could dance. She came from a family of famous Spanish dancers...yes Spanish. In fact, they (they being Hollywood) actually performed electrolosis on her widow's peak and died her hair to make her look less 'ethnic'. Silly Hollywood execs.

Back to Rita's dancing.

By dance, I don't mean Friday night YouTube dancing like yours truly. I mean, keep up with Fred Astaire and make it look easy dance.

Point in fact, this great clip of some of Rita's dances set to the Bee Gees.  (click here if you're reading by email).

I hope you enjoyed this brief escape with Ms. Hayworth.

I think she's something else.

Now, back to work. All of you!

Ciao for now,


  1. I've seen the disco Rita clip before. She was beautiful and talented. Love the old movies!

  2. Fun clips, thanks for sharing! I love old movies.
    Everyday Inspired


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