Monday, January 7, 2013

Talk A Walk (or Drive) With Us

How I Love The Seacoast

I suckered Gar into being my getaway driver.  No, we didn't rob a bank, but there was some shooting involved.

It was a beautiful, sun-filled, blue sky Winter day yesterday. The perfect kind of day for a drive.

We headed for the coast, a short 10 minute drive from our house.  Honestly, it could have been much nicer yesterday, though they're saying we might be in the 50s midweek and next weekend. Hello global warming.

We passed Runneymede Farm. We used to ride their on our bikes as kids. I'm so glad there are still horses there.  We also took a ride by the chapel where we were wed on our way to Rye Harbor.

The sea was ablaze in sparkle.

Yup. Those are seals all over the rocks, busy sunbathing.

Our coast is short.......only 19 miles, but it's gorgeous. Filled with sandy beaches and dark brown rocks greeting the sea. 

This guy's timing was impeccable. He flew right towards me to say hello.

It felt great to breathe in the crisp, clean, ocean air.

How was your Sunday? Good I hope.

Today is an organization day. My desk is a mess. A mess. Piles of notes and folders a mile high. As long as it looks better at the end of the day, than it does now, that works for me.

More of our coastal drive tomorrow.

Have a great day.

Ciao for now,


  1. Beautiful shots! I just love the ocean and love to get there any chance I get....Wishing you a lovely week lady! Xo, Ashley

  2. what beautiful pictures...I love where I live, but I am so looking forward to our summer beach trip!

    1. even living that close, we don't get to the beach nearly as often as we should. it's a shame really. might have to be on my 'to do list' for the year...more beachtime.

      Hey, how was the birthday celebration?

  3. Such pretty pictures! My desk is almost always a mess. A mess of crafty-ness

    1. just gonna say, not doing so good on the desk front today. still a dang mess.

  4. That first seagull pic is STUNNING!

  5. You know I love your seacoast posts. There really is nothing like some good beach air.

    1. oh girl, there is NOTHING like it. when you can smell the salt and taste it on your lips. heaven.

  6. Oh, I am doing the whole organising thing too! I spent the Christmas holidays blissfully stuffing things into an in-tray...but now they all need to be attended to. It feels good when it's done though...doesn't it? Loving the coastal snaps - looks like it was a lovely sunny day.

    1. i did not do very well yesterday. desk still a mess. but i know it will take time to get 'everything' organized. today is another day. and so is tomorrow. just call me scarlett.


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