Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday Mantle Style

Plans a Plenty

Does anyone have their holiday decorations up yet? Wish I could say I did, but I don't. Haven't even started. Not even outside lights.  Ah well, we can't have it all, can we? It will get done eventually.

Currently, I'm trying to decide on a theme for my mantle. Last year was the first year I did that and I was pleased with the way it came out. I went with winter white and used a lot of my crystal and silver stretching the theme just a bit.

This year, I'm leaning toward a more natural look. Think pine cones and the like, in a bigger way than last year.  I want it to have a warmer feel, which in all honesty will go better with the rest of my holiday decor. Though I swoon over those all white scandinavian interiors you see all over the internet and in magazines, it's just hard for me to pull off. I guess I'm a color girl at heart.

I can't say I've been finding a huge amount of inspiration on the 'from nature' theme. Sure, you can find mantles with lots of evergreen boughs hanging from them, but trust me gang- that is not going to work above our 'heat you like a summer heatwave' woodstove. (I am not joking, it might be the dead of winter, but if the stove is cranking you are likely to find us in shorts and tank tops). I want the mantle to look pretty, but I don't want it to be a fire hazzard.

I have found a few mantles that give me bits of inspiration. Ignore the evergreen bough please for the reason I outlined above.

Love the little tree (is it rosemary?) in the champagne bucket. The evergreen above the mirror. The touch of burlap. Lovely.

Here's another problem. My mantle is skinny. It's just a 2 x 6. In fact, it's pretty lame, but we won't go there. I'd love for it to be wider, but not sure it's in the cards presently. What to do, what to do.

I'm thinking I need to extend the visual presence of the mantle upwards to create more impact. We'll just have to wait and see how I make out with that.

Do you have areas of your home that you take special care in decorating? This year I've redecorated the mantle for each season and it's been a fun way to change things up.  I mean, I wouldn't want to get bored.

If you can believe it, two weeks have gone by since the last Gotta Have It/Gotta Blog It Link Up, so tomorrow put your party clothes on and stop by. It was a FULL HOUSE last time which totally rocks. I'm going to do my best to promote shopping with small businesses during this special season which includes lots of shopping for many of you. I think big businesses have enough of the cake, and it's time for us to cut a larger piece for ourselves by supporting each other. What do you think? If you agree, be sure to stop by tomorrow and if you have a shop, link up and help me spread the word. I know with your help we can make it bigger and better and present our stuff to even more people.  If you are a shopper, it would be awesome if you stopped by to browse. See all the wonderful things that small shop owners have to offer and consider putting your two cents into the small business well.

What's shaking for your today?  It snowed the lightest of snows again this morning. It's done. The fire is still going, the hound is sleeping and I'm in full throttle office mode. I sold a print of my brand new Vonnegut typography illustration overnight. In less than 24 hours. Can I get a whoop, whoop? So, I'll be running that off and packaging it up. Sure was a great way to start the day.

Happy Hump Day

Ciao for now,

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