Thursday, October 11, 2012

What I've Been Working On

In the Office/Studio

Things have been busy around here. You can relate, right?  By day, I've designing brochures, and ads, and such for my Speakeasy clients. By night, I've been prepping stock for the craft fair Garrett and I are participating in next weekend.

1. I'm always working on new illustrations and right now I'm in the 'tweaking' stage of my latest, Ahoy Matey.  This will go in our etsy shop, and I'll also offer it at the fair, as an archival print. When I decide I'm done tweaking. 

2.  Add to that printing and cutting stationery. I got a good few packages put together last night. I'm including my old standbys like the Louis Louis pop art pink chair.

3. I'm also including new designs, like Under Foot which was inspired by woven rugs. This too will be available soon in our shop. It's just a matter of squeezing in time to list it. 

4. I've been making custom paper stars using my own paper designs. I'll let you in on a little secret....these stars are not something you can just whip out quickly. It's a process of printing, folding, gluing, attaching hanger, and drying.  I love how they turn out, so it's all worth it. [If you want to try some of your own, you'll find my tutorial here.]

5. Painted clipboards have been on the list too [like I showed you in this recent tutorial]. They're just fun. I worked on these on Sunday, which seems to be a good day for that sort of thing. You can just sit and watch the game, and paint away.

I know that some of you with etsy shops, are doing the fall/holiday craft fair circuit. What have you been busy making? I wonder if the rest of have plans to attending any fairs in the coming weeks?

That's it for the desk/cocktail table/kitchen table dispatch today (yes, I take over whatever space I need to work on these projects!).

In Case You Missed It

Yesterday marked the launch of the Mercantile Muse October Giveaway. It's in full swing and I don't think you'll want to miss a chance to win all of the wonderful handmade items up for grabs. $175 worth of handmade items, in case you were wondering.

In other news, the sun is shining! It's been pretty sparse here lately. The week has been soggy, to say the least. In fact, it's been so soggy, we had our first fire of the season last night, just to take the edge of the damp. The sun is a very welcome sight.

Enjoy your day.

See you on the flip side,


  1. I'm trying to convince my boyfriend to let me start a fire in our apartment and he keeps telling me.."ayla, starting a fire is dangerous" Of course I mean in our fireplace. I have no holiday shop plans as of yet. School is definitely keeping me from doing creating a lot of stock.

    1. too funny eyelah. maybe if you start one before he gets home. just make sure the flue is open!

      school will most definitely keep you busy. hope you find some 'creating' time soon

  2. Hallelujah for the sun! I'm telling you, that was getting old fast. I was actually able to photograph some things today for Etsy, though who knows when I'll actually be able to list them! It looks like you are having some fun up there! Keep up the good work!

    1. no kidding! and it's back today, though it seems to have let up and the sun is trying. think it's going to be an indoor fire friday night though.

  3. Looks like you have lots of fun projects going. I love your paper stars, they are really cool! I hope the sun keeps on shining, at least for a few days.
    Everyday Inspired

    1. Juggling projects for sure. Stil have to finish the calendar design i'm working on. Fingers crossed, I make headway this weekend because I really want themf ro the fair!

  4. You are one busy girl Pam! We're moving into our rainy season here, although no rain yet, we've had a few overcast and chilly days in a row :( I miss the sunshine already!

    Busy preparing tax returns, listing vintage treasures on Etsy, taking pictures, oh and harvesting the garden, canning and cooking...the list just goes on and on!

    1. ditto. but at least you're reaping what you sew kate!

  5. Replies
    1. Hey Tami! aren't they cool? the fun thing is, each paper gives them a completely different 'personality' ---if paper stars can have a personality.


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