Monday, October 22, 2012

What I Found & Overheard At The Party

Fabric Notebook Cover - Notepad Clutch - Organizer

It Keeps Going And Going And Going

I know, I's another one of those parties. What can I say, other than, that's just the way we roll around here. The current Gotta Have It/Gotta Blog It Link Up Party is still cranking. There are still people coming through the door, so if you haven't had a look around, or even if you did, there's a ton of links to explore.

One of the best things about hosting this virtual parties, is all the stuff you guys leave behind (and I'm not just talking change under the couch cushions).

1. awesome antler via Upscale Downhome
2. park bench in beautiful light via Holly Robinson Photography
3. amazing Fall nature mandala via Brigit’s Bell
4. heavenly (get it, heavenly?) bookmark via Cloud Nine Designz

5. Autumn in a bracelet via Glimmer of Beauty
6. notepad cover!!!!!!! (can you tell I LOVE this idea. I am a legal pad kind of girl and they'd look so much prettier in one of these) via Shusha Handmade Arts

7. TeePee Tutorial and the cutest kid's playroom ever via Blueberry Junkie
8. oh-so-chic pillow cases via Adopting Nations
9. charmingly rustic printable shower invite via KTsARTsDESIGNs

10. loading the cart vintage postcard (addressed to a man in the my birthtown no less) via postcards in the attic

Lots of familiar faces at this party, but lots of new faces too. That sure makes me smile.  Everyone getting to know each other, wonderful handcrafted and vintage finds, and new blogs to discover. What is not to love about this party?

If you have a shop or blog, the party is still live and so swing on by and link up.  You never know who might find you this way.  Those of you who don't have a shop or blog are always invited too. There's so much great stuff to browse through.

If the party didn't provide you with enough new people to meet, it's Monday Meet Up over on our facebook page. Be sure to stop by and leave your links.

The Weekend That Was

It was a busy weekend, what with the craft fair and all.  Friday night we finished our prepping. Saturday involved lots of hauling, unpacking, packing, and hauling. We both agreed it was worth it (more on that tomorrow-- there is one quick peek photo of our booth in yesterday's post).  Sunday was spent unpacking, cleaning and organizing. I changed up my mantle for Fall in the midst of all that (will post later this week) and we ended the weekend with a Sunday dinner of chicken cordon bleu. It's one of my old standbys and a favorite (keep your eyes out for that too this week).

The sun has been shining since Saturday morning, after a lashing rain storm Friday night.  This alone, makes me happy today.  What's making you happy?

See you on the flip side,


  1. Thanks for the feature Pam. I really appreciate it. I will share on Facebook and Twitter!

    1. No problem Sarah....I'm a sucker for plaid...those antlers look so cool with the plaid accent.

  2. What a pleasant surprise!
    Thank you so much for featured my shop Pam !!!! I appreciate it !!
    Shared on pinterest :-)

    1. Shoshi- you are so welcome. And thanks a bunch for pinning.........which reminds me....I need to pin this post too!

  3. Thank you Pam for featuring me on your party!! I wrote you on Etsy, but I wanted to make sure I wrote you here too. You are truly wonderful to feature our Etsy shops as you do. It's so kind of you. It's really hard to find people who are caring enough for us little shop owners. I've tried for help from other shop owners but I never get a reply and you just came out of nowhere and chose me twice to feature here on your parties. I love people like you and there are very few of them!! Glad you found me and I'm glad I found you!! Thank you again!!! Let me know if I can help anybody here or if I can help you too.


    1. You're sweet for saying all that Katie. Funny, I actually came across your shop by chance while looking for some things to include in my party post and your invite was perfect. I'm so happy you are now participating and linking up!!!! Yay!

      I am more than happy to provide a little space for my fellow etsy shop owners. My day job is all about promoting small business people so it's natural for me to do that here on the Muse too. Just paying it forward and spreading some good karma!

      Thanks for being here

  4. Thank you for featuring my antique postcards on your lovely blog

    1. Happy to do so Colleen, thanks for linking up. I love all your postcards!

  5. Pam, I must say I was really surprised to see my DIY teepee being featured on your blog. Thanks for including me and for taking the time to visit my blog. Will be coming back for more.

  6. Lots of cool stuff! I love the bookmark.
    Everyday Inspired


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