Monday, October 15, 2012

Take A Walk With Us & Weekend Crafts

Let's Begin The Week With A Quick Break

It's been pretty rainy here this Fall (Can't really complain though because our Summer was as good as it gets). The sun came out on Saturday, and I knew I had to set some time aside at the end of the day for a jaunt over to the field. Sometimes you've got to get, while the gettin' is good.  You might have guessed, this made the dog incredible happy. As soon as I went for his leash he was turning in circles with excitement. No matter how many times we take a walk, at 13 years old, this is still Lucan's ritual. I get the leash, he turns in circles because his excitement is simply uncontainable.

Luckily the field wasn't too wet from all the rain, so the two of us made the complete round.

I need to get back over there today before more showers get here. I'll be armed with the clippers though, so I can nab some of that bittersweet. So pretty.

Get a load of that hive. It's BIG. We must have walked right by it a gazillion times and never noticed it for all the leaves. Now that many have fallen, I could see it from a good bit away. I wasn't sure what it was a first. I thought maybe it was a big bird like an owl, but as we got closer I could see it was an awesome hive. I'd love to nab that too. It didn't look active. Might need Gar to help me get that one though, it's a little high for me.

Beyond the walk, other things I did this weekend included:

-visiting with neighbors
-Friday night youtubing singing and dancing (I know, you're shocked, right?)
-made a biggo pot of meatballs on Saturday so they could cook all day- so good!
-cleaning house & laundry
-illustrating my 2013 desk calendar design. Getting there, but a little ways to go until it's complete. Gotta get a move on because I want to offer them at the craft fair next weekend.
-a little chalkboard painting (more below)

All in all, it was (well, other than the fact that our Yanks lost their first two games to Detroit and Jeter Duck broke his ankle- ugh. If you are wondering why I refer to Jeter as Jeter Duck, there is a picture in the middle of this post that will explain everything ), a pretty enjoyable weekend.

Say What You Mean

As we prepare for the craft show we're participating in next weekend, in addition to my illustrations and paper goods, and Gar's concrete home and garden decor, I wanted to include some other crafts. Yesterday I worked on the sweetest little project. Mini chalkboard trays.

I started out taping off, the area in the center I wanted to paint.

I soon decided though, that it was best to free hand it and opted for a smaller brush as well.

These are easy as pie. Just a matter of drying time between coats, that made this a practice in patience.

Once they were dry, I put the next coat on and really love the way they came out.

If you happen to live near by, we'd love to see you at the fair next Saturday.  Here's the poster I designed for the library. Stop by for a visit!

Here's to a new week. Make it a great one. Hey, if you follow us on Facebook, stop by for Meet Up Monday and share your links (i.e. facebook, etsy shop, pinterest, twitter, etc.). 



  1. Commented on your Facebook site: now commenting here as part of the Meet up on Monday lark! Hope you have a great day at the Fall Craft Fair: poster says it all!

    1. Hi Isobel....yay for Meet up Monday! so glad you linked up. Fingers crossed on fair. No idea what so ever, as to how many people might show. It will be fun regardless.

  2. Nice collection of photos. It must be really nice to have a field to walk in and discover new things. I love that you can put chalkboard paint on almost anything, you trays turned out awesome. Nice design on the poster for your craft show! You should be ready to be busy, this summer I was next to the guy who did the poster for the show, and he was crazy busy all day!
    Everyday Inspired

    1. Valerie, it is SO nice to have a field like that right across the street. Our town conserved it a couple of years ago so it can never be built on. Yay! how cute are those trays? I'd done a bigger one for myself then spied those while thrifting one day. Too cute.

  3. wow, those trays look great! now I know what to do with mine. :0)

  4. Love your fall pics! And the chalkboard trays...and your poster! So creative, you are :) Wishing you success and the fair!

    1. we're in full swing fall here now. trees are changing, so are the temps, leaves are covering our lawn. It's a pretty time of year for sure.

  5. I LOVE the poster...and love the chalkboard trays...would so buy one if I could stop by at your craft fair :) Fall? What is that...we shot back up to almost 90 for this week..weirdest fall ever so far! enjoy and keep sharing photos so I can see what it is supposed to look like! :)


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