Thursday, September 27, 2012

Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood: Sponsor Style

They're The People That You Meet

I know. The Sesame Street lovers among us now have that song stuck in your heads. Let me get to the point. Since opening our etsy shop in 2010 and starting to blog in 2011, I've met some pretty awesome people. They're talented, they're creative, they're hardworking, they're supportive and they are downright generous. 

Generous? Yup. My sponsors this month (all people I've connected with along the way), are putting up prizes that, combined, total more than $180 in great stuff. I think that deserves a little recognition. Plus, I think you're really going to like them and what they're doing.

Bleu Oiseau Photography

Ashleigh is a wonderful photographer in Washington state.  Her shop offers art photographs, photo blocks, calendars, iPhone covers, and even jewelry.
You will find Ashleigh & Bleu Oiseau here:


Ashley- different person/different spelling- plays with paper in a variety of ways. She's a crafter who makes book page prints, cards, ornaments and more. Many of her items show off her playful, funny side.
You can find Ashley & Papyrusaurus here:

Hazel Brown Designs

Hazel makes the most wonderful girl's clothing and women's
accessories. They are full of color and spunky attitude,
inspiration she gathers from her children.
You can find Hazel her:

Hayley's Paper Love

You might have guessed by the name of her shop, but Hayley is another paper artist.  I am lovin' the new doggie silhouette's she's added to her line which includes cards, decorative clothespins and jewelry.
You can find Hayley here:

StoryTellers Vintage

Kate is a serious hunter and gatherer of vintage. Her online shop continues to expand and when she's not busy with that, she's working fairs with her goods. She has something for everyone in her shop. Honest.
You can find StoryTellers Vintage & Kate here:

Faveritte Creations

As you can see, Amy creates happy things including pillows, security blankets and pj/sleepover buddies. She is literally 'infecting the world with color and honest joy one unique creation at a time'. When you visit her shop, you're sure to leave with a smile.
You can find Faveritte Creations & Amy here:


Matthew has a love for fabrics and has turned that into DreamPillowZzz. He sews custom pillow covers and his line runs the gamut from classic to modern. Something for every one's home.
You can find Matthew here:

Starlight Woods

Lisa began making her eco-friendly line of jewelry with trees that had fallen from storms. Her chevron ring was recently featured in Real Simple Magazine and she is also in the running for Martha Stewart's American Made Contest. Go Lisa!
You can find Lisa here:

One thing that really makes me smile about these people is that these are not big manufacturers or stores, these are individuals. They're sewing, crafting, taking photos, or seeking out the coolest vintage finds. They're doing what they love and it shows. I love that the handmade movement is bringing us back to a place where we know the person we're buying from, and even if we don't it sure seems like we do since it's a person to person transaction. It's very cool that on this worldwide web it's being brought back down to interpersonal connections and that's how all of these sponsors came to be sponsors. I've met them a variety of ways...through our etsy store, through the team I captain on etsy, through Mercantile Muse and through facebook. 

Then of course, there is my last sponsor who I did not meet via the world wide web, Garrett- my other half. He is of course, the concrete master behind Lia Artisan Concrete Designs, who is always mixing something up in his studio.

Now, what this sponsor spotlight brings me to is the fact that the September giveaway is winding down. You only have a few more days to enter. 12:01 am on the 30th is the cut off, so why not enter now to be sure you have a chance? 

And by all means, show these sponsors some love. I think you'll enjoy checking out their links and getting to know them a little bit better.

Over and out,


  1. Pam thank you for bring these most talented artists to our attention. The best gifts to give and receive are ones that someone and not a machine created... much success to all!! Hugs, C. (HHL)

    1. Celia, I am a big giver of handmade. In fact it's often something I've made for the person. It just feels like it means more.

      have cuppa for me, ok?

  2. Hey, loved viewing all your sponsors and their shops/pages. I just wanted to leave a quick comment to let you know... I don't know if its just for me, or for everyone, but I couldn't get the link for DreamPillowZzz 's etsy shop to work... I tried it several times. I will look him up and get to him a different way, but I thought you'd want to know!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. shirley, thanks so much for the heads off. i'll got check that out. probably typed something wrong. btw, there is a little ad for each sponsor in my sidebar so you should be able to get to dreampillowzzz that way.

      glad you're here to keep me on my toes!

  3. It's been such a pleasure! Have to say Sesame Street was my all time fav as a kid :) And the theme park, Sesame Place, in PA was simply the best!
    Glad to be a part of the neighborhood!

    1. the pleasure is all mine, my dear.

      Sesame street rocks. so do the muppets. Sesame Place? oh man. that must have been a blast.

      i'm so glad you're part of the neighborhood too


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