Monday, September 3, 2012

Thrift Takes & Weekend Wrap

Learn Something New Every Day

I snuck away on Saturday to do a sweep through Goodwill and Salvation Army. I wasn't up and at it early, so I beat the morning rush by missing it....yippee for that.  Sure, I probably missed some things I might have had to have, but I was pretty happy with what I did find.

My thrift take included the sweetest little nippon dessert plate. I've opted not to put it up for sale in Bates Mercantile Co.'s vintage selection and instead I'm going to include in the next giveaway. In case you're wondering, I'm currently pulling together the giveaway, have some awesome stuff already and it should be set to begin next week.

For now a sneak peak of one of the prizes.

See what I mean about sweet? Some of you may remember me mentioning this before, but see that first picture? The one where you can see my hand through the plate? That's how you can tell bone china. It's translucent when you hold it up to light.

I also found a piece of ironstone I couldn't leave behind.  This will be going into our shop.

Beyond the floral design, I lave the pretty pattern and crimped edges.  It does have a spot or two of discoloration but I find this happens a lot with ironstone. I think it adds to it's charm.  It shows a piece has been used the way it should be.

I also scored this lovely Rorstrand porcelain bone china serving bowl. I had never heard of Rorstrand and had to look it up to find out some info.  Rorstrand has been manufacturing china in Sweden for more than 300 years, and continues to do so to this day.  They have some romantic patterns like the one I found, but also some really great midcentury patterns that really fun.

Once I picked this up, and felt how soft and silky it was I knew it was coming home. I'm planning on putting this in the shop as well, though it might be a tough call.  It's so very lovely.

So as usual, while researching a vintage piece, I did in fact learn something new. Am I the only one who had never heard of Rorstrand? 

My mother found a pretty little sugar/jam bowl last week, but I'll save that for the next Thrift Takes.  Oh the things you can find.

The Weekend Round These Parts

We didn't get the campfire in on Friday night, but we did on Saturday.  Friday was a pool fest at the end of the day with our pal Charlie bringing his granddaughter Makenna over to swim with our visitors Leah and Harry.  We had a ball. Then neighborhoodlums Tom and Joan showed up with lobster appetizers to share. Honestly, I don't know who they think they are to just show up with lobster like that. (Insert sarcastic tone). 

We let brother in law Niall, aka Chef Bates, cook dinner for us which included stuff portabellos.

We did get a little youtube dancing and singing in later, well at least Gar and Niall and I. We're still not sure how the kiddos and sil Caragh slept through it, but they did. Solid as a rock.

Saturday we did enjoy a campfire. Caragh opted for lobsters while the rest of us enjoyed some swordfish kabobs and chicken kabobs. The brothers worked on World Peace at the campfire.

My husband looks like a lobster in this picture, but he's not really that red.

We had a good view of the Blue Moon. I liked this shot even though the moon isn't as crisp as I'd like. It looks like it's emanating a blue force field of sorts.

Enjoyed more pooltime.  Just ignore the tilted picnic table with the umbrella balancing on it in the background (it has to get moved when Gar mows), my hairclip on the pool edge, the styrofoam box that has no reason to be sitting next to the pool. Life can be messy.

Picked our first tomatoes. Yay. Isn't that a beautiful yellow color?

The chitlins even got in a little Mommy & Me time.

Yesterday we were across the street to Tom and Joan's annual Labor Day Cookout. Missed a family cookout, but you can't be at two places at once, can you?  We obviously need an appointment secretary.

Sunset Meadows

The sun continues to dazzle us with its Summer show.

I hope your weekend was as chock full as ours. Today, even though I'm not 'working per se' I am sneaking in a little time at my desk.  The plans for later include more pooltime --- who would have guessed?  Picking some green beans and getting them into the freezer. I think there's more tomatoes that need picking too.  Generally speaking, the afternoon is reserved for some chill-axin'. How are you spending this Labor Day? Hope you're getting some downtime.

Ciao for now,


  1. Oh my! Neighbours that turn up with lobster - they sound like good folks to have around!!
    It is busy busy busy round these parts - first day back at school after 8 weeks off is tomorrow! Bags are packed, clothes are out, shoes are by the door. We are ready for blast off!!

    1. I know. Those kind of neighbors are tough to take. Oh my, back to school. I'm sure you're ready but are they?????

  2. I just love that lushy green of your backyard! :)

  3. well my husband would laugh. we're always struggling with our lawn because we've such sandy soil. almost like they stripped the topsoil off long ago. combine that with our very dry summer and the lushy green was pretty crisp most of the summer. But thanks! your comment will make him laugh.

  4. OMG those tomatoes are perfect!!

  5. I never knew you would be able to see through bone china, thanks for the tip!
    And you're tomatoes look delicious, by far my favorite vegatable, or fruit :) either way they're the best!


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