Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's Been A Long Time...Take A Walk With Us

Put One Foot In Front Of The Other

Hey gang, as I mentioned yesterday, there was a storm heading our way.  We totally lucked out. After we battened down the hatches, we still had time before it hit to head over to the field for a good stretch of the legs.  Needless to say, Lucan was thrilled.  It's been such a hot summer, meaning we didn't get too many of our walks in, so I was thrilled too.

Gar was lead-man through the field and into the woods.

And yes, we did beat the storm.

The field across the street is our go-to place to walk for a few reasons: 
  1. it's literally across the street. 
  2. when you get to the top of the hill, it drops down and nobody knows you're there and the dog isn't distracted by what's going on in the road.
  3. there is plenty of room for Lucan to run 
  4. we nearly always score something special to bring home, yesterday it was the hawk feather. 
  5. if you go up and down the hills, it's a pretty good workout (which I could really use at this point)
  6. we often share the field with deer and turkeys. we hear coyotes at night, but thankfully haven't run into any during the day. i usually have a big stick just in case.
  7. at the far end of the field, there is a trail of sorts that goes into the woods. it's a great place for quiet thinking and destressing. we've seen an owl and a porcupine in a tree in the woods. the owl did the entire headtwist while looking at us, and the porcupine stayed way up in the tree. good porcupine.
  8. our town conserved this beautiful open land a few years ago and nothing can ever be built on it
  9. it's the backdrop for sunset meadows
I feel very lucky to have numerous routes for walking and enjoying nature, including the field, the trails around the corner and at Phillips Exeter, and of course, the beach. Now, I do enjoy a walk in our neighborhood too, but I'd choose an off road walk over and on road walk any day.

What's your favorite place to walk?

By the way, as far as the storm goes it did get very windy and it lashed rain. No trees down in our yard but close....our neighbors Lauren and Jay lost one out back at the edge of the woods. They didn't even know it until Gar went over to offer his chainsaw.  Good thing the storm was a quick mover.

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Did you notice it's Wednesday already? Woohoo to that!

Ciao for now,


  1. Replies
    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. We all need to get away from our desks sometime Nauli- lol!

  2. I love where you get to take walks!! So beautiful :) As you know, I love all that lushy green stuff you have in the summer. There is a reason CA is the golden state..not just the sunshine, we have 'golden brown' rolling hills much of the year...enjoy your walks!

    1. i know, we're so lucky to have so many choices and this one right across the street. makes me a happy girl. i will say this, it was such a hot summer, most of the time our lawns and fields were pretty brown. now that we've had just a wee bit of rain and cooler temps, the green is back.

  3. coyotes! There are wild boar in the woods round here - thankfully I haven't run into any of them (although, my poor car did once...poor wild boar also). Now see, I should do more walks, I always seem to be running (often after 2 small boys).

    1. wild boar! holy mackarel girl! you better have a REALLY big stick. no wonder you gravitate towards the beach. oh man, i can't believe you hit one!!! when you hit an animal that're lucky it was only your car that got hurt. we have signs in nh that say 'brake for moose. it can save your life'. and they're not kidding.

      i fully understand the 'running' thing after having my 2 year old godson here for 3 weeks. he ran and ran and ran and ran. there was no stopping him. must have done at least 50 laps around the kitchen island one night. minimum.

  4. What a cool space to have nearby! We're in a pretty "urbanized" part of the 'burbs with a lot of stores and schools nearby, so these little peeks at nature are exciting.

    1. can you believe we lucked out with our sunset AND a field right across the street? it's funny, but i bet even in an urbanized suburb like yours, there are probably trails. for pete's sake, we just found a whole maze of trails this year. they're only 10 minute walk away and we've been here for 15 years! not sure how we were missing them.


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