Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Write On This

Such A Tease

Hi gang. Happy Wednesday. Today is the day our next Dublin visitors arrive. In fact, they are currently at Dublin airport waiting for their plane. There will be lots of hugs later.  As many as when our most recent visitors from Dublin left last Friday.  Before my brother in law and nieces left, Ali and Caroline were itching to get at the new chalkboard wall.

It was a practice in patience you see. First I had to prep the wall with a good wipe down. This is always one of the most important steps. This wall being in the kitchen made it even more important.

Then it was a blank slate.....

...just asking for some chalkboard paint.

I was pretty happy with the way the stuff went on. It wasn't messy or drippy. Coverage was pretty good, though I still went with two coats.  *Fuzzy focus alert.*  The only thing that took any amount of time was cutting in along the ceiling and around the bathroom door. I know, the bathroom door is UGly. Please ignore. (Another project on the to do list. We would have replaced it by now, but nothing in this house is easy. It's a completely different size at the top than the bottom. Oh yeah, somebody needed a lesson in plumb when they built this place.)

Back to the wall. Remember that patience thing I was telling you about. Well, we needed it. Once I finished painting, you had to wait THREE days before you could write on it.  Between myself and my nieces, were were chomping at the bit to try it.

I gave them the honor of 'chalking' the wall first. The three day wait was up just as they were leaving for the airport. Perfect timing.

I finally picked up some chalk Saturday morning and left my mark.  Since they'd added a little Dublin touch, I thought it was my duty to remind us of Rome (which we're still dreaming of returning to 5 years later).

I'm pretty pleased with the way the wall turned out all in all. It did make that area of the kitchen darker, but of course that is to be expected since it's BLACKboard paint.

Can't wait to see the little ones have at this when they get here later. I mean most of the time kids are told not to write on the wall.

Man on The Moon

Upon hearing of the passing of Astronaut Neil Armstrong this weekend, I added a quote of his to the wall.

"There are places to go beyond belief."

Isn't that the truth? Can you imagine what it felt like to fly through space? Speed through the stars?  To view the Earth from outer space? To be able to block out the earth with your thumb, as he did looking out the window of the Eagle?  To be the first man to walk on the moon? To have the guts to be such an adventurer that you're willing to sit on a can of rocket fuel, be sent into space and land where nobody has ever been before?

To be able to say you where up there?

Way above the Earth looking down?

Standing on the Moon looking at the Earth?

I was little. I was only 4.  You'd think I wouldn't remember any of it, but I do.  I can't say for sure I remember the first moon landing, or subsequent landings. My dad was involved in the space program for a time and maybe that's why I was in tune to the event at such a young age.  I can see the black and white pictures on TV, watching these images on the porch at my parent's house.  I also remember as I grew older and missions continued, the feeling of pride that our country was doing extraordinary things. We were explorers. I know we still have a sort of space program, but nothing like it was. No more space shuttle.  The excitement of the first missions waned.  Disasters happened. Priorities changed. I find it sad. One of the most important things in our history, one that defined our strength and ingenuity, that looked beyond our own boundaries and broke them, that dreamed of what could be, is no more. I for one, long for the time when our country and our world came together in the excitement of the possibilities of what our universe might hold.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind…”

Goodbye to a true pioneer. Goodbye Neil Armstrong.

Make it a great day,


  1. I love that to think what wall in my house I can do that to, owen would have a blast!
    and I remember the moon walk was a great time in our nations history. we were all so proud of our country, and we should still be proud! but you're right, something is missing these days.

    1. Oh for sure Debbi, Owen would LOVE a chalkboard wall.

      It WAS a great time in our history, wasn't it? full of positive energy, hopes and dreams. we could use even just a little of that right now.

  2. I can see you're going to have a lot of fun with that chalkboard wall. Looks great.

    I was nine years old when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. We were living in Germany then, and my parents had not gotten a converter for our TV, but they wanted us to see the moon landing, so they plugged our TV in anyway. Wrecked the TV, but we got to see history. I cannot imagine the courage it took for those men to go to the moon, not knowing if they'd be able to return. Yesterday I read the speech William Safire had written for Nixon to deliver if Armstrong and Aldrich were not able to lift off from the surface of the moon to rejoin the ship. It's all just so amazing.

    1. What an awesome story Lynette. I think I have to look up that safire speech. To think he had to right a 'what if' speech like that for the President. Must have been a daunting task. Thos Astronauts were so brave.

  3. I love the new chalkboard wall! It looks great...and so fun. I just painted my craft room desk with chalkboard paint. I can't wait to put it back in the room and try it out!

  4. Awesome your reflection on Neil Armstrong! And do me a favor..go put a bb or a pk in some little corner of your chalkboard I would if I were there :)

    1. I will most def ad your sig....I mean, your road trip is bringing you to my front door after all. ;)

    2. True that! Did you get my email yesterday :)

    3. I did. Just had the visitors arrive so haven't had a sec to respond. But I'm going to check my email to see if I still have the questions. If not, I'll shoot you an email! I'm still game. The door is always open ...he he he.

  5. Cool chalkboard wall! And I truly appreciated your tribute to Neil Armstrong. I vividly remember being glued to the TV set as we watched him step onto the moon, to take his "one small step."

    1. Oh that wall is going to see a lot of use for sure.

      Guess I'm going old mother actually let my sister Gloria have an entire wall in her bedroom for signatures and what have you. It wasn't chalkboard, people just signed it with markers.

      Thinking of Armstrong's passing is so sad, after always thinking of him with such happiness and pride for our country.

  6. I love the chalkboard wall! Hmmm..which wall to paint in my office?

    My son, who is in college, interviewed me last Wednesday about the late 60s and early 70s. One of the things I mentioned was what an exciting event it was to watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. It really brought the country together - everyone around their TV sets for such a historic occasion. And how the teachers would wheel in TVs for every Apollo mission - take offs and landings. I feel so lucky to have been able to witness those events!

    1. ah! TV's wheeled into the you think they even do that anymore?

      we were most definitely lucky to have witnessed such events.

      I hope we see the true importance of our space program and bring it back. it could do so much for our country and our world right now. sometimes the thing that people need is something they canall be excited about.

  7. I totally have a wall that I am planning on doing this too! Yours turned out so cute! Now I definitely want to do it.

    1. miss lr would have a ton of fun. even chalboard doors on a cabinet would be cute.

  8. That's a really cool wall. And I always love your photos! That moon is spectacular. And I remember the moon landing too. Amazing times back then. We need more of that now!
    Have a great one!

    1. Thanks Kathy....we've been kind of tame with the wall so far, but I don't expect that will last long. I'm sure it will be covered soon enough. It was amazing and it's too bad we don't have something like that now, when we really need it to bring us together.


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