Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What I Found & Overheard At the Party

Day Late & A Dollar Short

Hi guys. Missed posting this yesterday. Got involved and other things and then all of a sudden it was time to go to bed. These things happen, right?

Well, the party is still going on and there is still time to link up your shop or blog. 

If you haven't had a chance to check out the Gotta Have It/Gotta Blog It link party, there's lots of great stuff people left behind. Here's a few of my picks, and let me tell you, it's never easy to choose.

1. Remembering to be Grateful, via Bridgits Bell
2. Beautiful Mosaics, via Earth Mother Mosaics
3. Silver and Moonstone Necklace, Efrat Jewelry
4. How To Freeze Garden Tomatoes, via Cubits
(loved this....since I usually roast my Romas and then freeze.
nice to have a new option)
5. the loveliest country kitchen reveal, Knick Of Time Interiors 
6. Mosaic of another sort, a beautiful quilt, DJW Quilts
7. A rememberance keepsake box, via Paint Brushed Boutique

Having crazy fun trying to post. Internet Explorer seems to be causing me computer issues. You know the 'keeps shutting down kind'. You can't even imagine how many times I've been ready to hit post and ......woosh, shut down. So, sorry this is shorter than usual. Please do have a look around the party (link in right hand sidebar), people have been adding links each day.  Let us know what you find that tickles your fancy.

Enjoy your Tuesday. Up tomorrow, my chalkboard wall reveal!

Ciao for now,


  1. Replies
    1. Debbi, how sweet is the 3 for 25 cent sign. Angie's whole kitchen came out so fabulous.

  2. Love that fruit basket!! I WANT it!

    1. you must check out angie's kitchen makeover. not only does she have one fruit basket, she has three hanging in that corner which is completely bathed in light. So sweet.


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