Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Tip Of The Hat

Saying So Long to A Swell Gal

That's CourtneyJo of Milk & Honey Naturals, seriously good soapmaker, blogger extraordinaire on The Everything Soap Blog, comic at heart, mother of twin boys (I was going to say two twin boys, but that's kind of redundant), wife, food lover, and one of the first friends I made in this little world we call 'blogland'.

Yesterday CourtneyJo announced that she was saying goodbye to blogging permanently, for a variety of reasons which include some of the aforementioned (twin boys, soapmaking) and a variety of others.

Although this makes me sad, it does make me happy that Court knows what she needs right now, and is going to try giving herself the break she needs.

That said, I will miss her. Really miss her. She's funny as hell. She's a good cook with great recipes. She continues to grow and grow as a photographer. She's honest. She's down to earth. She's focused on the right 'stuff'.

Did I say she was funny? I will miss the laughs CourtneyJo gives me.

I will miss seeing how her two cute lug-nuts are growing.

I'll miss seeing her husband Jaime sleeping on the floor with a stuffed animal for a pillow.

Most of all though, I'll just miss Court because shes Court. And that's also what I really love about her.

Be well my friend. Wishing your bright blessings including much love and laughter.

Damn, I knew I've been meaning to do something. I have got to order more obsure helitrope soap from CourtneyJo.

It's simply divine. Just like the girl who makes it. 


  1. Replies
    1. Well C's Mom, I imagine you had a little something to do with the awesome gal that CourtneyJo is.

      :) Thanks for stopping by the Muse.

  2. Oh those twins are so cute!!! The last picture made me laugh - great hats and the cutest little expression on the face of the twin on the RHS!

  3. Yes Courtney we will all miss you and miss those cute stories, the recipes and beautiful pictures. I am lucky that even though you will not be doing your blog any more I will still have all your so interesting stories, great recipes and the beautiful pictures so I am really LUCKY.
    Love you Girl, your mother in law.


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