Thursday, November 3, 2011

October. It's a wrap.

Already Into November

October seems to have gone by in a blur. In the blink of an eye. Quick as a bunny. No denying it, November is here.

Before I move on to the usual November celebrations (tomorrow is my birthday and my sister's is in two weeks, and then of course, Thanksgiving), I thought I'd pull some of my favorites from October.

A big thanks to Be Our Guest posters- Kristen from By The Book Paper, Daena from Bad Rabbit Vintage, and Stacey from A Sort of Fairytale.  I appreciate the time they took to put great tutorials together.

Other October mentionables include: great vintage finds, a cozy dog, campfires out back, some newly discovered local cheese, printable organization, jewelry making, great field walks with the hound, and one crazy Halloween snowstorm.

Thanks for sharing the beginning of Fall here at the Muse. Hope you'll stick around for more.

How Are You Going to Give?

Every year, I include something handmade in my gift-giving. 

It might be stationery that I've designed, holiday felt wall hangings that I made, memory boxes, or baked goods.  The list goes on.  Any shopping that I do for the holidays is done, for the most part, in local shops. I will continue to give in this way and expand it to include some wonderful things that I've found in fellow esty shops.  There's so many possibilities it will be hard to narrow the list down.  It's about more than just supporting fellow shop owners, it's changing the way in which we give. About getting back to the simple things that mean so much. It's about what has real value, as determined by each of us.  I think things that are lovingly designed and handmade in the small studios and workshops across the world, have more value than the common mass produced things most of us can easily access.  I believe something has more value, and often has a higher price (that I'm willing to pay), because more has gone into making it. The thought and care with which something is made, is an important part of the sentiment of giving that I am trying to share with those I love. 

What will your giving be focused on this year?

Sunset Meadows

It's been awhile, with all the rain and snow we've had of late.  However, last night Mom/Marge called to say I better get the camera out. I was still at my desk. Good thing she called or I may have missed it. 

It was quite lovely.

Very wispy and feathery.

I hope your Thursday is going wonderfully. Mine is going fine and dandy. Well, sort of. You know that new printer I got? Well it arrived and it's HUGE.Which means I can't set it up yet. Gar will be busy this weekend building me a new desk configuration to house the behemoth. Isn't he lucky?  Good thing is, if I need an extra coffee table when I have company, my new printer can do double duty.

See you on the flip side.

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