Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inspired:Design and Queenie

Wild Pink Peas, Eco Friendly Print, 8x10

Inspired: Design- In The Pink, Plum and Gray

In honor of the updated look of Mercantile Muse (which is still a work in progress by the way), an edition of Inspired:Design that focuses on color tones that I love, and that I love together. 

1. gray velvet tufted sofa (swoon) photo by joanna henderson 

2. simply gorgeous letterpress paper by smockpaper
3. violet raindrops by gollybard

4. fantastic dresser redo by

5. sweet peas  from bramble pie

6. sweet brooch and display from le Superflu cést necessaire via decor8blogspot

7. never heard of magnesite before, but I love these dagger beads of magnesite by PalomaAntigua

8. whimsical origami butterflies made from maps with pinks, blues and some yellows by laylalou studio

And from our own store, Bates Mercantile Co.

I've had my simple line drawing of this chair in the shop and the center pop-art pink version, but I'm working on adding more choices like the gray and the mauve. I've already done a custom color of this for a customer, so the more, the merrier. 

All three versions incorporate one of my digital paper designs from my Ceramica Set.

Digital Paper Design - Downloadable & Printable- Globally Inspired Home Decor Set

The most gorgeous linen Italian Ice ribbon yarn, made in Italy.  In fuchsia, light grape and mango ribbon yarn.

Yarn Ribbon Cotton, Linen and Viscose in Guava- Made in Italy

An elegant silver gray digital paper design from my 96 Steps set.

Digital Printable Paper Set- 96 Step's Terrace Ironwork

Am I the only one loving this color combo? What colors and combinations are you drawn to lately?

She Used To Be A Princess

It's my sister Dianne's birthday today. Happy Birthday fellow Scorpio. She used to be a princess, which she dubbed herself after Princess Diana. In recent years though, Di has elevated herself to the status of Queen.  I guess she figured, since Scorpio's rule, she might as well carry the proper title. 

Di also used to be the Kahlua Queen, but she is now known far and wide as the Cosmo Queen.  Though she still enjoys a Kahlua coffee, as she did at our friend's place TJ Byrne's in NYC, it's usually a Cosmo glass in her hand.

However you shake it, Queen Di is putting on the crown, picking up a Cosmo and doing a little celebrating at 10 Tobey Street later.

Have a fantastic Thursday in your little corner of the world, and rest assured I'll be working feverishly at whittling down today's to-do-list.

One the subject of lists, one more from Bates Mercantile Co., in honor of Queen Di.  A printable to-do-list, fit for royalty.

To Do List - Printable: Organize and You Can Rule The World

Same place, same time tomorrow


  1. Your collage is beautiful! You have a real eye for color and design! The red-violets look yummy with the greys and I love the salmon with the red-violet. That's what I've been attracted to lately - watermelon, pinks with peaches or shades of reds with shades of oranges.

  2. Thanks patsy! There are so many color combinations to choose from, I never get bored exploring how colors work together.

  3. lovely collection! many thanks for the feature!

  4. Oh yes - all those lovely blush colours! I LOVE the 'to do' list - and the reward of a crown if you finish the list!!


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