Friday, November 18, 2011

Inspired: Design for Friday, Celebration Recap, and Freeform Friday

Inspired:Design, Color Jump Off

I'm working on a new design that has some fantastic colors in it. It's not going quite as planned (the materials I'm using are quite working they're supposed to work), but hopefully it all works out because if it does it will be really striking. 

Here's some of the colors that I'm incorporating, and they sure look grand used in a multitude of ways.

1. fabulous living room via kelly werster
2. bold bedroom choices via young house love
3. super cute bunny ear cactus from TallPoppyGardens

4. wonderfully colorful painting (don't miss the pooch) by doylemaher

5. wow. what a coat from gogovintage

6. electric sappire blue drop earrings from Ear2There
7.vintage blue faucet handles from RAEvNsNest

8. colorful mod decor via apartment therapy
Bold, bright, beautiful. There's a color in the rainbow for everyone.

The Queen Celebrated

Sister di, aka Queen Di, celebrated her birthday last night at 10 Tobey Street (our parent's house). Complete with the celebratory big honkin' USA wild caught shrimp Dad gets for these occasions. Um........YUM.

Why yes Mom/Marge, I'd love a shrimp.

So would the birthday girl.

If she would put the shrimp down for a sec, she could open her present.

A signed Grow Love print by me, customized to go with her extra bedroom comforter. Well, I think the colors work, I was going by memory, so I may have been off a little.

Best friends, Di and Deb. We won't say for how long. Right girls?

Deb's an awesome photographer and is shaking her head right now saying, 'Pam, you had the camera on the wrong setting." I know, I know.

If you're part of our family, you have to take 'official' pictures for each occasion. Reason being........Marge makes us each a photo album each Christmas of the last year's events (and non events).

The Garman and his sister-in-law.

Ignore G-man's sweater. It's about 22 years old. He won't give it up. I obviously need to do more darning.  Can you tell he came straight from work?

Now the next picture doesn't really tell the story.  Here's Di with her son, our nephew Pat. Di is standing on the chair for a reason. Pat is tall. She was trying to get on his level.

Di is currently mortified that I posted this picture, because I know she will hate it. Trust me when I say to you Di, this was the best one. Why? Di and Pat were gafaw-ing in every picture because my mother was also trying to take a picture, but had the lens closed. This is not the first time that has happened.

Our nephew Jeff was there too, but I must have taken a picture of him with my parent's camera. Sorry Jeff.

All in all, a lovely gathering on the porch to celebrate life.

Freeform Friday

If you live in the states you probably know Regis Philbin. You probably love him or you hate him. I happen to love the guy. He's been making my mornings brighter since I was in college, and his show was just a local morning show. Reeg, as he is affectionately called, retired today. For Pete's sake, he should. He deserves it.  He turned 80 this year and has logged more hours on television than any other person anywhere. That doesn't mean I won't miss him. He's a real piece of work and honestly, Reeg cracks me right up. 

This week, he got to perform a duet with Tony Benett ( him too).  It was so nice to watch someone live a dream. Really. A dream. He did his best, but remember Tony is a jazzy singer and Reeg is an entertainer. It still gave me a big smile.  Those following via email can click here.

Thanks for the memories and the laughs Reeg.

Happy Friday to all of you. The sun is shining here and the wind is blowing. It's supposed to get warmer as the weekend wears on. I'll take low 60s in November.  What's happening in your world this weekend?

Have a good one,


  1. Thank you for posting the faucet handles from my etsy shop! A nice surprise!

  2. Thanks a ton, Pam!! What a great blog. :)

  3. I love the colors you chose and great images for inspiration! I especially love the doylemaher painting and the vintage mod stuff in the last pic. Happy birthday to your sister! Your mom is so cute with her plate of shrimp! Hee hee. :)

  4. Thank you for using my Dachshund painting on your blog. Love the groupings of colors with those rich blues.

  5. Howdy & thanks for noticing my little 'Bunny Ears' Cactus.

    Wait - forget that; just point me to the shrimp, please!

  6. Kim, you're more than welcome. Love the red faucet handles too!'re quite welcome. Lovely earrings.

    MyHideaway, Check out dolyemaher's shop, WOW, beautiful art work. Thanks for the well wishes for sister's bday.

    Bobbi, more than welcome and your shop is gorgeous. You're a very talented painter.

    tallpoppy.........back away from the shrimp!!! LOL. Too funny.

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