Friday, September 23, 2011

Perfect Recipe For Fall and Freeform for Friday

If I Can Bake This, So Can You

Before I get to the above cake...........did you enter the current giveaway yet? No? What, are you nuts?  Go hereDo it now. You only have until the end of the day!

Onto the cake........

I've said it before and have no problem saying it again. I am a cook. Not a baker. Not a candlestick maker either by the way.

I do have a few things in my repetoire that I can bake, and this cake is, well how should we say it..........ah yes, the only cake. That's it. My only cake.

Trust me, if I can bake a cake that is actually edible, than you can too. This is the one. Great recipe for fall when it's apple picking time.

I adjusted the recipe just a wee bit this time, because I had a couple of pears that needed to be used. Instead of all apples, this time I made the cake with two pears and one apple. Just as good. I'm sure you could use whatever kind of apple you like for baking too.  It is a very dense cake and rich enough to not need anything like ice cream on the side, and that's coming from an ice cream lover. 

Go pick some apples and get baking. This cake is easy. Really easy. It's also delicious.

My Ear Hurts and I Don't Have an Earache

If you ever wonder whether being on facebook is worth it, I'm here to tell you it is.  This morning I got a call from one of my best pals and college roommates. We'd lost each other in moves and life, and were finally able to find each other through facebook.  She called this morning (Hi Ro! I know you're probably reading this!!!).  It was like we had just spoken yesterday. Well, except that we had a few years to catch up on. OK, like 15 or so. Silly, right? We must have talked for 2 hours and when we hung up, my ear hurt. Cool, huh?

Now, when I talk to this little guy, my face hurts. From smiling.

That's Harry. He's my godson. He's in Dublin and I'm in Stratham. We're an ocean apart. I can't say how happy Skype makes me. If you were skyping with him, wouldn't you be happy too? 

It's his first birthday today.

Happy Birthday Harry Boy! As your cousin Ali would say, love you lots like jelly tots.

And a bday shout out to my other nephew in Dublin, Conor. He celebrated yesterday.
You're the man Conor. I'm sure you did it up right!  Did you make it to class this morning? It's ok, surely Trinity will understand it was the day after your bday.

Freeform Friday

Today is not so pretty.  Weather-wise that is. So I needed a sunny, groovy, pick me up. Ala Jack Johnson no less.

Sunset Meadows

What? You can't see it?

Maybe you need to clean your monitor?

Oh sorry. It's the fog. No sun going down last night. I guess I can't expect a beautiful sunset every night. I can hope for better than this though. Still here today. See why I needed Jack Johnson on a surfboard in the sun?

Lots on the list for the rest of the day. No idea what the weekend holds. Probably wood splitting and stacking. Adding new items to Bates Mercantile Co.  Perhaps cleaning the basement since it's supposed to be raining and because we didn't get to it last weekend. I know, we live on the edge.

Hope your Friday is fantastic and your weekend wonderful. Thanks for being here.

Peace. Out.


  1. That cake looks so good. I bet the fruit makes it really moist. Thanks for sharing the recipe (love Williams-Sonoma!) and have a great weekend!

  2. Yesterday... I exercised Nordic Walking! finally!!! ;-))

  3. Hehe Pam I always laugh at your posts:))

    I must be nuts!:)) I don't know if I entered your giveaway, I've seen and loves those cards before though... But pls take the gadget that makes giveaways piece of cake! It will save us all time to enter and you time to type so many rules:)) link below.


    Win a Rafflecopter invite!

  4. You're bang on's is moist. I actually use a little more lemon zest than called for. I think it makes the cake.

    Jana, yay! Out and about in the fresh air. Lucky you. I usually have a big walking stick with me when I walk in the woods with a dog....does that count as nordic walking? lol.

    Magda, I'll be sure to check that out. Though I've tried two times already and their site seems to be having issues......:( Thanks for the info though.

  5. That looks SO good! I might have to make it this weekend while my family is visiting.

    1. Oh it is SO good. I'm sure it has something to do with the butter. ;)


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