Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad and Dancing in the Hood

Happy Birthday Dad/Mr. D.

It's my Dad's birthday today.  He's invited for a birthday dinner tomorrow night. I gave him a choice of a white lasagna or pork roast. He went for the pork. Like father like daughter I guess. I have to say, pork roast is one of my favorite Sunday dinners. Gar's too.

Dad and Mom went up the 401 Tavern for dinner last night and were welcomed with a booth, decked out in balloons in honor is his birthday. Typical Desi style at the 401.  The enjoyed themselves but wondered what the other diners were thinking about their 'special' booth.

That's Dad showing off his Are You Being Served mug we gave him for Christmas. We share a love for the show. Cracks us all up.

Some things about Dad:
  1. He has been known to dress up on occasion, usually for a good cause for which money was being raised. His alter egos have included: Sister Mary Punishment, Rev. Charles DoGood, Tip O'Neill, an Italian girl named Angelina, a boxing trainer named Cauliflower McPug, and an Elf.  Yup. He's quite colorful.
  2. Dad/Jerry loves a microphone.  He sang in just about every lounge/restaurant we were in that had one, or at any piano bar that had a seat. I take after him, well, in my own house at least.  He has also introduced a lot of people with a microphone in hand including SenatorAl Gore, Congressman Dick Gephardt, Senator Tom Harkin, Senator Bob Kerry..........the list goes on.
  3. He served during the Korean war, but was luckily never sent overseas. He was very good at engineering, and this was a good thing. Later he became a missile engineer. Dad had jobs all over the U.S. from Arkansas to Idaho, from Washington state to Connecticut, and New York to Massachusetts.
  4. He is the ultimate problem fixer. He knows how to get things done.
  5. He raised 5 children with my mother; has 8 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.
  6. Dad has built half the furniture in my house, from my colonial hutch/water chest, our sailmaker's coffee table, my hopechest, spoonracks to my knickknack shelves and curio cabinet. He's also quite the folk artist, painting many of his creations freehand.
  7. He's a great dad.
This one's for you Dad! Happy Birthday.

Smooth Deano singing one of your favorites.

Friday Night in The Hood

Last night the neighborhoodlums came over for my steak bomb sandwiches. MMMM. We all agreed.....extrememly yummy. When I get a picture, I'll post the recipe. It's easy and feeds a crowd.

After the sandwiches we need to move! Gar was the youtube DJ, while the rest of us cut a rug. OK, we didn't cut a rug, because we have laminate floors. But we did tear up the floor.

Tom and I got everyone started and then everyone else joined in.

Here's Sandee, gettin' down.

Gerry playing a little air guitar.

Joan stealing Tom back from me, for a spin around the floor.

Sorry they're blurry. I was in motion and so were they. Next time, I'll stop dancing while I take the pictures. 

Gar has officially dubbed Tom, John Travolta.

Sunset Meadows

Another beautiful one last night.

Have a great Saturday. Ours includes work at my desk, splitting wood, laundry and lots more fun stuff. What about you? Gonna dance the night away?

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