Thursday, August 4, 2011

This Could Be The Start of Something Good

The Perfect Summer Celebration in a Glass

Go ahead, guess.........

Yup. You guys are smart. Sangria.  Someone had left a biggo bottle of white zinfandel at the 4th of July, and somehow, it was still unopened. It was hot last weekend and I thought it was the perfect type of day for a batch of Sangria.

Found fruit in the fridge.......nectarine, lemon and lime. Cut it up and threw it in the pitcher.  Poured the wine in. Checked liquor cabinet for brandy. Yes, hennessy vsop. Perfect.  Also found some raspberry liquer left over from Watermelon George on the 4th of July.  Could this get any better?

Heven Mamacitas, heaven.  Now I wish I could tell you exact measurements, but I can't.  Fruit? However much you want to put in.White Zin, about 2/3ish of the pitcher (yes, a big bottle of zin is better than a small for this- or two).  Big ole glug of hennessy (not TOO much or it will be nappy-doodle time after the first glass.  Glug of raspberry liquer for more fruity flavor and a splash of OJ for even more fruity goodness. And a heaping handful of ice. Chill in fridge so fruit infuses into Sangria. Drink. You can also enjoy the sangria laden fruit at the end as an extra yee-haw cowgirl.

What are you waiting for? I said drink!  Just look at that glass, sitting there, waiting patiently to be picked up. Come on now.

WARNING: This sangria should be enjoyed by a group of sangria lovin' people. Luckily, Gar had run into our neighbor Jay in the afternoon and told him I'd made a pitcher of Sangria. Being the Sangria lovin' folks they are, he promplty informed his wife Lauren when he got home at the end of the day. Not being the shy types, they came over just as the pitcher came out of the fridge.

EXTRA WARNING: Has been known to cause skinny dipping. Is that a bad thing? Aaaah, the pool all to myself and my sangria within reach. Call me Martha, but it's a good thing.  Ssssshhhh, don't tell anyone, but I highly recommend it.

Something On The Side

When we stopped into Durham Marketplace on Sunday, they had a lovely cheese counter.

Found this local (well, Massachusetts- which is pretty local since we're only 15 minutes away from the border) Great Hill Bleu Cheese.  Nice veining, a little sharp, very fine indeed. Added can order it online!

Once I picked this up, I couldn't leave without it. Fontina. But the kind of fontina you'd find in Italy. Of course, that would be because it was from Italy. Fontina Val D'osta, from the Piedmont regin. Just gorgeous. Pungent, earthy, a little on the stinky side- in fact both cheeses were a little on the stinky side. Most importantly, ever so delicious. Wonderful depth of flavor.

I'd highly suggest both. But then again, I haven't met a cheese I didn't like.

Happy Thursday. Enjoy it to the max, would ya please?


  1. Hi Pam..its Kel...
    Sitting here on the corner of Locke and Edgewood reading your blog thinking how nice it would be if we could be sharing in your bounty.
    Oh well...cosmos will do.
    Love the photos and the musings.
    Keep writing.

  2. Well Kel, I should have know, being the wine lover and sangria maker that you are, that you'd like this post!! Glad you at least had cosmos to make up for lack of sangria.

    Happy Friday


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