Thursday, August 18, 2011

Marge Goes Yardsale-in'

That's Marge. She's my mom. Hi Mom.........I know you're reading this.

Marge went to the annual Lion's yard sale two weeks ago. I missed it because we had visitors. But I didn't really miss it, because Marge gave me a box and a market bag filled with stuff she picked up for me. I don't think she paid more than $3 for everything she got. Now that's a yard sale I'm not missing next year!

I had fun unwrapping everything (yes, Marge had wrapped everything in paper and bags so nothing would break). One surprise after the next.

I've already used this pretty Pyrex platter for our first tomato slices from the garden. Love the slate trim with white leaves and flowers.

How sweet is this vintage platter?

Just love the poppies.

Marge scored an even bigger, white china platter too.

She wasn't leaving it there after she saw that it was Noritake.

And how about these sweet Asian bowls?

Pretty, right?

They also happen to be bone china. See how they are translucent when you hold them up to the light? Dead giveaway.

A brand new white cherub, holding a bird.........perfect for my garden.

Three nice scarves.

I've been wearing the light blue one with hearts all week, to hold my hair back 'a la' I Love Lucy. Too cute.

I give Marge permission to go yardsale-in' anytime.  Have you had any great yard sale finds lately? Share. I'd love to know.

Tomorrow, you'll get to see the bowl that was in the box. It's holding the cheese I made the other night. Yup, you read it right. I made cheese and will share the recipe tomorrow (thanks to Marie at LeVoyageCreatif).

Make it a great Thursday in your little corner of the world.

And as Marge and I say, 'ciao for now'.


  1. Seriously CourtneyJo, they are really sweet with their gold polka dots and red trim. CUTE!

  2. CourtneyJo took the words right out of my mouth... those bowls are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. She did good, huh marie? :) plus,i LOVE polka dots.......always in style.


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