Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Farmer in The Dell, or was it Jersey City?- NYC Part 3

Fresh Picked Goodness Right Outside Our Door

I thought the Farmer's Market Gar found while we were in Jersey City deserved some more attention. After his report that there was a farmer's market, but he had nothing to show for it, I went back downstairs with him. You could see the farmer's market from the's that for happiness? A mere block away. 

This farmer's market was small, but packed with good stuff.  Vegetables galore, fruit, home baked pies, breads, jams and even meat and homemade sausage. I could have gone nuts there.

Had I not been travelling, these eggplants would have come home with me. Yes, vegetables can most definitely be beautiful.

Ah, garlic. One of the best ingredients on earth.

Green cabbage looking lovely. Isn't this variety pretty with it's green leaf and purple veining?

This okra was just looking for someone who was ready to make gumbo. Yup, and more eggplant too.

Here comes the sun.

Big, beautiful, happy sunflowers.

Once we'd bought our lot of fresh goods (peach butter, tomatoes,pepper and bread), we walked along the water.

I love the tip of Manhattan. Love the view from Jersey City too.

Along the walkway, we found a nice harbor where we eventually picked up the water ferry/taxi to Manhattan.

All in all, we really enjoyed Exchange Place, the Jersey City neighborhood we stayed in, much to our surprise. Lovely brownstone apartments, waterfront, nice neighborhood cafes (if you go, stop into the Lighthorse Tavern, nice place), easy access to Manhattan....we'd stay there again in a heartbeat.

More Tomatoes Please

When we got home from the weekend, our first tomato was finally ready. We planted a little late this year, so we've been waiting and waiting.

I didn't want to mess with it too much. Had some iceberg in fridge (Yes, I like iceberg. I don't discriminate against any lettuce. Iceberg has great crunch!).  Just sliced that tomato up with a couple of cherries Gar had picked too.

We declared that first tomato delicious! I do hope you're starting to enjoy the crops from your gardens if you have them. Nothing like it.

Sunset Meadows

Last night's sunset was a lovely end to an otherwise gray, ugly, damp day.

Happy Wednesday. Enjoy the middle of the week!

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