Friday, July 8, 2011

The Winner Is & One Man's Trash

The Winner Is

First a big thank you to all of you who have chosen to follow Mercantile Muse! The support is appreciated. As promised, picked from our first 25 followers, the winner of printable wall art of their choice from Bates Mercantile Co. is Wen Preston of Gottaspoilemgems! Wen makes lovely jewelry and cute little accessories for small animals- check out her shop on etsy.

Perhaps Wen will choose this:

Or maybe one of my favorites, boomerang!

So many choices, so little time. The best part is, Wen will receive the file in her email and all she has to do is print and frame however she likes. Cool beans. Congratulations Wen!

One Man's Trash

Just look at what my brother in law Al scored at the dump the other day. So glad he could see it's potential. It really topped off the 4th of July celebration just right.

Now perhaps you see it with it's original intent..........a votive holder.

Copyright Pamela Bates, 2011

I'm sure it would make a lovely votive holder. But we had other plans.

Copyright Pamela Bates, 2011

The handle was crying out that this thing should be carried and used to serve something!
I mean, how often do you carry a bunch of flaming votives around?

My cousin Gail was nice enough to bring along the fixin's for almond joy martinis. This new dump find was christened the official celebratory party shot glass holder! And it really served it's purpose well.

Copyright Ed Cocciardi, 2011

Seriously, how perfect is this for serving?

Copyright Ed Cocciardi, 2011

Now we may all be looking a little worse for the wear, but it wasn't the almond joys we were about to enjoy.
A wind-driven Thunderstorm had just rolled through and we were all drenched.
But the pay off was Almond Joys. Life is good.

 You have to love 'dump finds' and 'side of the road finds'. Keep your eyes open and be ready to fight for what could be rightfully yours.  If you score a find, celebrate with an Almond Joy. If you don't score the find, drown your sorrows.

Almond Joy Martinis

2 shots Malibu
1 shot Frangelico
1 shot Godiva Chocolate Liqueur

Shake with ice, serve chilled in martini glass or shot glass depending on the occasion.

That's one glass of heaven. Unless you asked our friend Cathryn the morning after.

Happy Friday!


  1. Hi! I forgot to pop in sooner and let you know about the winner for your print giveaway on my blog. But I guess you found it yourself this afternoon. The winner (Janet) just got back with me, and she was quite excited! I hope the exposure from my blog led a few new people into finding your products.

  2. Brilliant! That makes the perfect little drink server. And the Almond Joy Martini sounds very tasty. Thanks for the recipe!


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