Saturday, July 9, 2011

Come Saturday Morning

Well The Sandpipers aren't singing Come Saturday Morning, but the birds were. It was a little cloudy.....ok, a LOT cloudy to start. Regardless, you could tell it was going to heat up and burn it off. Which meant the main mission of the day would still be the main mission. Laundry. I haven't had a dryer for a year and a half now. It broke. Had been fixed before. Was tired of fixin' it. So it still sits broke and I now channel my mother Marge (aka Maggie the Washer Woman) as I hang my clothes out to dry. This can be challenging when the weather doesn't cooperate, but on a good drying day like today, complete with breeze it's nice to bring clothes in from the line. If we could only decide on a permanent line set up......

I was about to head downstairs to throw a load in when I spied this.

Lucan was only up for about an hour before he needed his first nap.
Full-throttle-out-like-a-light on the futon.
When I came up from the basement with the first load, I took a look around the yard and confirmed the fact that we still had clean up to do from the 4th.

Seaweed to get rid of, bake baskets to stack in the corner, big onion bags to put away, cinder blocks
to remove from the fire pit, big branch that fell in the wind to burn. Basically, a mess to still clean up.

Then I turned around and saw that despite the mess, my day lilies had popped.  A bright spot in the assessment of the yard.

I forget the name of this one, which is not typical for me. I remember the most ridiculous details. But hopefully I saved the tag somewhere because I have no idea. Sure is pretty though.

Just look at the rain droplets left from last night's storm.

Then I looked at the yard again........

Still kind of a mess. Lots of leaves that keep blowing off and making the yard look awful.
Don't know what is going on, whether it was the wet winter and wet spring we had,
or if there is a fungus, but lots of trees dying around these parts. I don't think it's a bug.
Apparently we'll have this messy, leaf-ridden yard all summer every time the wind blows.
The rest we are slowly cleaning up.

Then as I was about to hang the laundry, I spied this mushroom.

Neat, but what is with those weird growths?

Checked out the vegetable garden to see how we're doing. We've got our first tomato growing and more itty bitties about to pop.  The green beans are looking good except two rows look like they decided to be no shows. Will have to get another packet of seeds because they're usually my most prolific and fill the freezer for winter. 

I did see that my spaghetti squash had come through and was looking good. Planted  seeds I'd saved from one we had this spring from the store.  We were a few weeks late in planting this year so we're happy anything is popping yet.

Grow squash, grow!

Laundry load #1, hung out to dry. Check that off the list!

See, in the shade is not the perfect place for a clothesline, but for now it will do.

Finally got some good news last night, among lots of bad of late. It made us quite happy, but not sure I'm supposed to share yet. I'll just sit here smiling, thinking about it.

We're off to the neighbors for a lobster boil in a bit. Then it's gonna be a pool day for sure!  And tonight is Pizza Night with the Harringtons. We started out in a studio apartment above their garage 23 years ago. We made an agreement then, that we'd never have to apologize for the state of our homes. Spending time with each other is more important than dusting. This is one of the best agreements I've ever made with anybody. Because, it's true. And we can wear our 'lounge wear' or 'PJs' to pizza night. Life is good when you don't have to dust and you can attend Pizza Night in your 'lounge wear'.

Hope you have a great Saturday and that the sun is shining where you are. I'm off to bring the next load up and hang it out to dry.

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