Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/11: Remember

Hi guys. I know it's been a long time. As you might have guess, I took the summer off. (More about that soon.) I didn't want today to pass without marking it in some way, and I think a rerun of last year's post is perfect.  For those of you who don't know, my parents were raised right outside the city (literally on the border) in Yonkers and I went to college in the Bronx. I met Garret while I was there. He had landed in the Bronx from Dublin. So, to say that New York is near and dear to our hearts is an understatement. It's quite simply, a part of us. A truly integral part of who we are. So as I think back to 13 years ago today, sitting on my coffee table watching the horror unfold, it gives me great pause. Let's all take a moment, even if it's brief, to remember those who lost their lives in NYC, DC and Shanksville, PA and then, do something good. No matter how small, just do good in honor of those who died at the hands of evil.

Rememberance & Revival

The spirit of this week in history was palpable as I stepped into St. Paul's Chapel last Friday- 9/6/2013. I was teary eyed as soon as I walked through the door and saw the memorials lining the perimeter of the historic church which became a refuge for rescue workers following the attacks of 9/11. Each and every one was moving. While I made my way around the chapel, I stopped and listened to one of the first responders recount that day to tourists from another country. They listened with mouths agape as he told of the horrors. Tears streamed down my face for the hatred man can hold for his fellow man, for the lives lost, for the horrific memories that those affected first hand must live with each and every day.

Yet there was hope all around us in the city last weekend.

All around:

The thoughtful, hard work that the men and women building freedom tower put in every day to create something strong, resilient, hopeful and entrenched with significance to honor the lives lost and mark the events of that sad day.

The birth of a new skyline not to replace the old, but rather to honor it.

The juxtoposition of the new against the old that remains.

Standing guard over our city and country, holding a light for peace.

Take a moment today to remember all who were affected and those lost on 9/11. Take a moment to imagine a world at peace.

ps- in case you missed this in the photo, it's worth mentioning that the third picture of the memorial altar has a note in the front and a picture of Rafael and his best friend Alicia Titus who was lost on 9/11. The picture was taken that morning at 6 a.m. Heartbreaking..........


  1. First off......I have missed you terribly =) and, I will certainly remember this day and hold those close in prayer all day....Glad to have you back! xoxo ~Ashley

  2. Great post, Pam. I am glad that you are back.

  3. Lovely photos, brilliant actually, the city looks washed clean, buffed and polished. I can't believe it has been thirteen years already. I remember watchin. Live as the second plane flew in, sitting in a frankfurt apartment. A day later the next street was blocked with a tank at each end ( the U.S. Embassy was there) and a makshift memorial spontaneously grew at the bus stop. Some Things you will never forget.

  4. There is something so bright and clean and colourful about these photos from last year's post. What a contrast they are to the choking dust, dirt and debris from that day. On ward!

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