Thursday, June 12, 2014

Moving Outside

Al Fresco

It's the time of year hear when we start to spend more and more time outside.We hanker for every little second we can get, so we can store up those good feelings for a winter reserve.

There's lots of dreaming going on too. As summer approaches, cue the 'things I want to do this summer' lists. One of the things we love to do in the beautiful weather is spend time in the yard.
We may call it The Bates Estate, but in reality it is a humble little cottage, with an above ground pool and small patio, a fire pit, a shed that needs a desperate purging and cleaning, and of course gardens (both flower and veg) that need to be mulched. Then there is always weeding, cutting the grass and weed whacking that always on the to do list.

Much the same all over the world I imagine.

So let's take a moment and go back to that dreaming I was telling you about.

Some wonderful things I'd love to incorporate into the Bates Estate.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to dine here? (of course, before the mosquitoes come out)

I love the vegetable garden surround the dining area, and that dangling ivy. Quite magical. 

Or perhaps we shall dine under this wondrous canopy. The only thing missing from this picture is a glass of wine.


I quite like the rustic tin shack feel of this little beach-side retreat. I could be quite happy lounging on 
that porch. It's got character.


Like a more 'put together feeling'? This one's for you.

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I'd love to do some transplanting in this sweetest of sweet potting sheds.

Greenhouse with Fieldstone Foundation 

If my shed looked like this, I'd live in it.

Architectural Salvage Potting Shed 

Tired of toiling in the garden shed? Take a seat on this palette deck.
 How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck : Outdoor Space | Details on #BHGRefresh
OK, that's enough outdoor dreaming for today. Get back to work!
In honor of the start of the World Cup today (anybody else crazy enough to set their alarm at 2am to watch USA matches in previous cups?), kick it from here to Brazil and back today. Happy Thursday.

Ciao for now,


  1. If your shed did look like the sixth photo, I might join you! About the world cup, the Dutch team will play tonight. First we'll have a BBQ and after that we'll watch the game. Have a great friday Pam!

    1. Oh the dutch are always a great team and should be an exciting rematch between you and spain. if you can believe it, I missed the opening game yesterday, I didn't realize the start time I was looking at was Brazil time! and by the time G told me that when he got home, the game was over. Hoping to catch your match this afternoon here! Good luck! btw, currently you can't take more than three steps into our shed. it's a little scary at the moment but how'd I'd love to give it an overhaul!

  2. I just love the potting sheds--both of them! and the pallet decking is awesome!

    1. I'd even love just a little outdoor potting bench up against the shed, that would work for me. How cool is that deck? The things people do with pallets!

  3. I love all those lovely outdoor settings. I would be happy to have any of these looks in my back yard.
    Everyday Inspired

    1. I'm with you Valerie, I'd take any of those from the potting sheds to the lounging areas, to the dining spots. all perfectly wonderful


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