Monday, June 9, 2014

Digging In The Dirt

Or, How I Spent My Weekend

Dirt under my nails, dirt all over my feet, dirt all over my clothes, my face, my hair..........
it was all about being outside, away from the computer way more than I usually am, and working in the garden this weekend.

We started on Saturday morning as we went on a quest for more organic seeds and potatoes (to add to the four I found growing in the garden already from last year) and some organic tomato seedlings. We lucked out on both fronts finding our seeds at the local Agway just around the corner. The seedlings we found at a local organic farm stand where I was greeted by a roaming chicken.  They had a nice selection of tomatoes, except for one I always plant for freezing: Romas. So I am still on a quest for some Roma seedlings.

Once we got back to The Bates Estate we got busy outside in the vegetable garden.

We were 'one with nature'.

G had some some planting last weekend, beans, spinach, kale, radish, lettuce, and chard.

To that we added more green beans, peas, cucumbers, potatoes, butternut squash, buttercup squash, summer squash, arugula and peas.  Oh, and more radish because I didn't know G had planted some already until I was watering this morning and noticed he had radish popping up. Should be good for salads this summer to say the least.

It's a pretty big garden and in addition to planting I worked hard on mulching with cardboard covered with leaves between each row. On top of that, we hope to put some salt marsh hay (it doesn't have grass seeds and weeds that get into your garden bed like regular hay can) on top for extra mulch. I'm hoping it will do a great job at keeping the weeds down so all the veg can grow, grow, grow.   G needs to pick up some more cardboard for me and then I can continue on my merry mulching way in hopes of staving off the weeds. We shall see.

I'll take some pictures of what it looks like now so you can see along with us, how the garden progresses. Be prepared for a midsummer weed takeover picture if the mulch doesn't do what I'm hoping it will do.

All of that said, it just felt so awesome to be out in the sunshine digging in the dirt. There is something about working in the soil and earth that, although it it's hard work, it's also stress relieving.

So I challenge you to get out in nature this week and take it all in whether you're digging in the dirt or walking in the woods or through a park. Just breathe it all in.

What was happening in your world this weekend? Did  you get out and dig in the dirt or did curl up with a good book inside? Spill the beans.

Ciao for now,


  1. wow...that must be some garden. we cut back ourselves some this summer, just tomatoes, corn, musk melon, water melon, butternut squash, and pumpkin. and we invested in the black weed blocker paper and I really hope it works. lol.

    1. well, before we put our addition on the garden was bigger than our house and we used to say 'you might be a redneck if your garden is bigger than your house' ;) now, if we keep up with it this summer that will be something. last two years we've thrown our hands up and just got our beans and tomatoes. hopefully more this year. those all sound like good choices. we don't bother with corn because we have so many farmstands and they do such a good job with the corn.

  2. I would love a big garden, but I think Ringo would destroy it. I tried to plant some fruit trees a couple years ago and he killed them. Good thing he's cute! Anyway, my mom came to visit this weekend so we did a lot of thrift shopping and eating. It's getting too hot here to spend much time outside...except for swimming in the pool!

    1. oh ringo! don't kill the fruit trees! I say that all the time to the dog 'good thing you're cute', though he's been our best. never got into trouble like that like the other two before him. thrifting with mom! sounds familiar. glad you had a good weekend and stop taunting me with the pool.....ours still looks like swamp thing. almost got it up and filtering yesterday but the cowl on the filter was broken. tonight! then about a week to deleaf and clear things up. hoping next weekend I'll be floating.

  3. We just cant seem to get it together in the veg front. That garden sounds amazing. We are hard enough pressed keeping weeds, pruning and mowing under control..

  4. I hear you! it's a lot of work. not that I'd mind if I had more time..........I love to whittle away the day in the veg and flower gardens

  5. That sounds like one amazing weekend. I so want to have a veggie garden sometime in the future:) Glad you had a wonderful time, sweetie and I can't wait to see the photos. Kisses and hugs.


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