Thursday, June 5, 2014

CREATE: challenge no. 1 reveal

Just The Two Of Us

In the end, there were two.

Myself and Andrea of Strong Southerly are the only ones who participated in the CREATE: challenge no. 1. And that's OK. Even if it was just me, it would be OK. I know it got some of you thinking about creating something just for the sake of creating. It certainly got me thinking and doing and that in itself is a success.

In case you don't remember, for the inaugural CREATE challenge, there were NO rules. Hell yeah, and pass the hot sauce. I'm not a huge fan of rules so this totally worked for me. And it also worked for Andrea, who despite having been down with the count with the flu while juggling a job and a wee lad, managed to take a moment and capture the beauty of her surroundings in Australia.

As Andrea herself dubbed it, Big Sky.

The colors are so soft and lovely.

These mourning doves need to turn around, they're missing the sunset!

What a lovely Big Sky view you have Andrea. Thanks for sharing a little part of your world. By the way Andrea, I have a sky obsession too. So many different hues and moods. You just never know what you're going to get.

Now, me.  I'd had this idea jingling around my head for awhile: 'Do something with an altoid tin.'

Gathering inspiration for the challenge, I finally knew what I was going to do.

I collected a few pieces that had positive meaning........a note and string that came with the lovely bracelet I won on Diana's blog from Sima G. A sand dollar I found on the beach where I grew up. A feather from one of my nature walks in Sunset Meadows with the dog. A heart rock I found at the beach on the most wonderfully beautiful day. And some shimmery ribbon that's been in my jar of bits and pieces for ages, a reminder that even pieces of things can have new life.

And then I painted with watercolors, did a little decoupage and hot gluing and viola.

My first pocket altar.

Want a look inside?

As I've said before, I'm not terribly religious person, but I am spiritual and well, Mary.......she's my girl.

She never did come out quite the way I wanted, but I took a breath and let it go and in the end, I think my little pocket altar it turned out sweet.

So small I can take it with me anywhere.

I hope more of you will join in the next challenge, I really enjoyed getting Andrea's pictures in my inbox.

For now, if you did participate and forget to tell me, feel free to send me the pics and I'll be sure to share in another post. Or if you blogged about it, please be sure to post a link in the comments below.

My new little neighbor came home from the hospital yesterday.  Before I headed out to the garden yesterday evening, I popped over to hold baby Piper. What a wonderful treat. Babies, miracle of miracles.  Sigh.

I hope you all have a fantastic day and I hope you'll think about creating something with no rules!

Ciao for now,


  1. Oh Pam, how I have missed your blog! Beautiful images from Andrea on that sky, I've got a bit of a sky thing too, it's just, well, it's just beautiful. I am completely enamored with your pocket alter, I find the Mary painting totally rad! xoxo ~Ashley (from what use to be the blog "Under a Paper Moon" haha)

    1. Ashley! where did you go?? I looked for you. :) so glad you're back! thanks for the kind words about my 'altar'. I can see myself doing another one.

    2. I have stopped blogging since baby #4 who is now 1 !! But I have started up again, a bit of a different blog, geared to something thats more "me" My blog is Im glad Im back too! And by the way, I have faithfully followed your blog this entire time and you definitely should make another altar!

  2. A micro alter...well I never. Another friend of mine has a thing for alters, she has a big ganesh which she gives flowers and incence to. I like the ritual associated with alters....I just would feel a bit strange as I am not particularly religious.

    1. yeah, neither am i, but who says you're altar can't be made up of things that simply have 'spiritual' significance to you. right? no rules.

  3. p.s your mary reminds me of an image you would discover in a fresco on an old italian church after peeling back decades of paint over the top.

  4. p.p.s did you make all your images bigger lately? The proportions seem different?

    1. nope. been saving images at 825 for awhile. it's the full width of the post column, though I think a little too large perhaps. weird seeing the mary painting up that close.

    2. ps- my mom LOVED your pictures!


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