Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What Inspires You Wednesday: Take A Walk With Us

Nature, As Always

I am always and utterly inspired by nature. It never bores me, it always has a surprise in store, or a new way to show you something. It's glorious. Even when it rains.

I put my wellies on this morning and Lucan and I took a short walk around the yard, to see what was popping in the gardens.  First to the corner woodland garden.

One of the easiest things I've found to grow, are tiger lilies.  Transplanted from my sister's garden, divided and divided again in my own gardens. No fuss, no muss, just thrives. That's the kind of plant I'm looking for.

OK, I admit it, this buttercup was in the grass, not the garden.  I'm glad G missed it with the weed whacker.

This is a funny plant, fragaria or non-fruiting strawberry.  They were all pink like this when I planted them and then a couple of years ago, they started to turn white. This year I see a few more pink again which makes me happy because it was pretty spring color.  Just look at the center of that flower. Too cool.

Behold, the wild honeysuckle that planted itself.  The bees were really buzzing around this on Monday.

Perennial geranium.  I love the veining in the petals.

Jacob's Ladder, one of  the earlier spring flowers in my garden. It's still happily blooming away.

This Solomon Seal was here when we bought the place. I've divided and replanted in the woodland corner garden and it's quite happy there too.  It's very tall and quite showy in a vase because of it's dramatic height.

Look what's coming!

Peonies. A transplant from my mother's garden. Big beautiful white blooms with the slightest trace of a burgundy highlight.


The only thing that has buds on it yet in the poolside garden, a lowly weedy-wildflower I let grow. I have no idea what it is but it's a great cover that laces it self through everything else without strangling anything. It blooms the sweetest white flowers.

Now, I'll let you in on a secret. It's called the wonders of a close up.

Because in 'non-close up' reality, this is what the corner woodland garden currently looks like.

And that's after working in it a good part of the weekend.

Sure things seem pretty happy, well the lilies are certainly happy, but the weeds! The damn weeds have taken over my path. Yes, all the stuff from the rocks on the edge of the burm to the front bed of the garden.......weeds. Oh, what to do.

For now, I shall ignore them and choose to look closer. At least until I can spend another day out there. Oh, and get a big jug of white vinegar. Did you know white vinegar diluted with some water will kill weeds if sprayed on them? Be careful though, because it will kill everything it's sprayed on. But on a walkway, it's a perfect non-chemical solution. 

Isn't it amazing what you can find if you look close enough?

I'm so glad G and I brought more lilacs in yesterday. It happens sometimes.........they bloom and then we're saddled with wet days. That's what has happened this year. BUT, we filled the house with one more round of their intoxicating smell.

That's the largest vase I have in my collection. It's Waterford and it's seriously heavy once it's full with water. Had to have G help me put it on the windowsill! Yes, that heavy.

Nature and looking close are what's inspiring me today.
What's inspiring you?

Hey, don't forget if you're participating in CREATE challenge no. 1 and want me to include pics of your creation in tomorrow's post, shoot me an email to pbates (at) speakeasyinfo (dot) net.  And if you're doing a post on your blog, shoot me a link (or be ready to post it...see below).

Though, I may do as Andrea suggested and just post a link up, that way people can link up whenever they are finished. Keep your eyes open!

Have a great Wednesday in your part of the world and I'll do the same in mine.

Ciao for now,


  1. lovely pictures. we have wild honeysuckle...and the smell? heavenly!

    1. oh the smell is so sweet! i'm sure that's why the bees were having at it!

  2. I'm so sorry I only read your challenge post today! I'm gonna miss this one but will definitely jump in for the second! And you just inspired me for a calligraphy group work here with my followers ;-) thank you so much Pam! I adore the power of the network!
    Nature is always an amazing inspiration, your garden is gorgeous!

    1. no worries, there will be others. and wait until you see what I got thrifting with my was among the books. it made me think of you.

  3. Those pictures are just beautiful! You have so many gorgeous flowers, especially that fragaria. It looks so neat. And thanks so much for the tip on my blog about placing a plastic bag over the plants when the temperatures are down. I'd read about wrapping in burlap and other costly ideas, so this will be a nice easy solution.

    1. Thanks holly! well, like I said, the zoom out pic looks quite different. ha! yes, the plastic bag or if yu don't have any, a paper grocery bag or some newspaper draped over your plants!

  4. Amazing photos! Nature is so inspiring!

    1. Isn't it just? There is always something, even something small like the center of that fragaria, that is simply amazing!

  5. My first thought is I want to come garden in your garden. My second thought is that the zoom out looks just fine, all that is missing is some straw mulch or bark mulch and the bed is done. And my final thought...I LOVE lilacs!!!

    1. Oh my gosh! come help me weed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes, mulch makes everything look much better, but first i must rid it of weeds. I actually don't usually mulch this flower garden because it's pretty big. I do the ones right by the house and this one I just let do it's thing! the lilacs were awesome but sadly the rain we've had the last week made them shorter lived than I would have liked.


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