Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Musical Interlude

Mr. Martin If You Please

Do you listen to music while you work away? Podcasts? The TV in the background? Nothing?

Today I'm listening to Mr. Martin crooning to me in Italian.

Damn if I don't love that man. He sings like he's just hanging out in your living room singing you a little song off the cuff.

Smooth as all get out, and when he sings in Italian, I admit I might get a little weak in the knees.

Yes people, I have a sincere affection for Deano.

You see, I have a thing for cheeky fellows.  And Deano is nothing if not cheeky.

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and here too. I love the low notes these guys hit.

Yes Sir-ee. A little Dean playing in the background never hurt anyone.

So? What are you listening to on this Monday in May?

Make it a great day. It's the only one you've got!

Ciao for now,


  1. In the mornings I usually listen to the radio, and (for lack of anything good on the radio) I listen to music through Spotify, I've been into Cary Brothers, Kid Cudi, Chvrches and Haim lately. I am following your example, and playing Dean Martin right now :-)

    1. ....marieken I don't know any of that music...I am intrigued

    2. OK, I do know Haim, but not the others! Will have to check them out. Love discovering new music-thanks for tip!

  2. oh how I love the old crooners. especially Bing Crosby. a few years ago we were rummaging around an antiques boutique when I heard the most wonderful music. It was one of those Life record sets of music from WWII. I bought it right off the turntable and play it when I clean. The Andrew Sisters rocked!

    1. My parents have given us a couple of sets that I love. they may before our time, but damn they could sing. I think we have the fabulous fifties and the great american songbook. Great stuff!

  3. I always bring my iPod with me to work and put it on shuffle. I never know what's going to play next! Listening to music definitely makes my day at work better/go by faster!

  4. Miss Pam, how all together lovely to met 'nother devotee of our most beloved Dino. Never was, never will be anyone as cool as the King of Cool....oh, to return to the days when Dino walked the earth. Know that your reflection has been shared with all the pallies gathered around ilovedinomartin


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