Friday, May 30, 2014

Freeform Friday: Thrift Score

A Thrifting Birthday

Last Friday was my Mom's birthday and we celebrated with or second annual thrifting trip to Salvation Army. First however, we started with lunch and a margarita!

We also shared delicious bruschetta and onion rings. Then we were ready for The Sally.

I almost immediately found my best score of the day, but I'll save it for last.

I thought these pineapple candleholders were very festive. Wouldn't they look great on a patio? However, they didn't go into my basket.

These didn't get these either, but I had to get a shot because all I could think of my etsy/blogging friends Marieken and Wilma.

Ditto for the lovely candleholders, which totally would have been mine if I didn't already have several Waterford pairs. How pretty are these? And check out the price!

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and Mom came away with a classic ginger jar-esque lamp for the porch. For a mere $8. Way to go Marge!

I did better than the birthday girl though.

I got 6 awesome hardcover books (one I gave to G immediately). I was buying 4 when the lady told me if I bought one more I'd get another free. I was in like Flynn.

The illustrations in the Louisa May Alcott book are so sweet!

This book I scored reminded me of Cecilia of Caligraphando, another blogging and instagram pal.
She is a fantastic caligrapher. I used to dabble years ago, but I've no idea where all my supplies went. Guess another trip to Michael's is in store now.

There's a wonderful variety of artists in the modern drawing book.

I especially love Matisse.

It will be fun to go through though, because there are plenty of artists who I've never even heard of before.

Speaking of artists, my best score was this beautiful Degas print, classe de danse.

I put it in my basket immediately. I've always loved Degas.  I haven't hung it quite yet, but we're thinking the kitchen because the colors go so well.

The print isn't only gorgeous, it's also professionally framed. Oh yes, you are coming home with me.

When I got it home, upon further inspection I found this embossed stamp.

Musee Du Louvre Chalcographie. Now this is getting interesting.

Come to learn that the Musee Du Louvre Chalcographie is 'is a institution created in 1797 covering three types of activities: a collection of engraved copper plates attached to the Department of Prints and Drawings of the Louvre Museum , a collection of prints and a print shop' (from wikipedia).  Then I also found the site for Musee Du Louvre Chalcographie, which lists this print at 65 Euro (so nearly double that for US $$). 

Add to that the professional archival framing that was done, and I'd say my little $5.99 investment was a pretty sound one.

I also came away with the comfiest Tommy Hilfiger navy and white polka dot lounge pants, a brand new top, and an adorable navy and white striped summer jacket. I did good.

High five for the thrift score!

I'd say we really need to make this little trip of ours more than annual.

Have you gone thrifting or to any yardsales lately? What was your best find?

Freeform Friday

This song just makes me dance and sing (and if you've heard the country western remake, this is the original, just so you know). It feels good! I hope it does the same for you. Thank you Sonia Dada! Click here if you're reading via email.

Any plans for the weekend? Here at The Bates Estate it will more than likely be a good mix of work and play.  We have a long to do list as we continue to try to get the yard 'springed up' and the garden planting finished. I still have much work to do in my flower gardens too. I think we'll probably be hanging with the neighborhoodlums tonight and beyond that, no set plans.  

Whatever you do this weekend, make it a good one.

Ciao for now,


  1. Happy belated Birthday to your Mom!!
    Sounds like you had a great day :)
    The books and drawing are fabulous finds :)

    1. Thanks Duni. It was a fun time. I would have been quite happy with the hardcover books, but the degas was a super bonus! Have a great weekend

  2. Great finds! Especially the Degas print! Last weekend I hit the ironstone jackpot at the thrift store. It was so exciting! One set included dinner plates, smaller plates, a couple bowls and cups/saucers and the other set was a teapot, creamer and 16 cups/saucers. Plus it was 20%-off day, so I got everything for $32!

    1. I'm always eyeing the ironstone. that had nice bits and pieces but what a set you scored! nice one Sam

  3. Wow, what a score!! Nice to have a quality print. I have so much unframed stuff, that needs a good frame. I just have to save my pennies, bit by bit.

    1. Oh, I know- right? Proper framing is expensive but worth it because if done properly, especially with pieces behind glass, it protects the piece for years framed archivally.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The Degas print is awesome, the print and the frame go so good together. Great score!


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