Thursday, May 22, 2014

Create: challenge no. 1, The Beginning

Pulling It Together

We're a week into Create: challenge no. 1, and for me it's been all about thinking, and mulling, and formulating an idea.

Not to put the pressure on myself, but I wanted to create  something I really hadn't created before and that would have some meaning.
I think I've finally gotten somewhere. At least the start of somewhere.

I'm collecting bits of bobs that I have.

Some things that may speak to me in little ways.

I've entrusted myself to endeavor to create something that separate, may not be that much, but when together, form something that will be close to my heart.

Has anybody else made progress?

Want to join in? Check out this post. Create to live, live to create!

I'm a girl with a mission this week, checking things off the list left and right. Here's to the trend continuing today because it feels rather nice.

What's happening in your world?

Ciao for now,


  1. my challenge has been to clean my studio so I can start my challenge. :0)

  2. I relate to Debbi's challenge, although my challenge is to get well enough (flu) to be able to do the challenge at all this week...sigh. At least I started a couple paintings last week. Didn't get far. My challenge is to take photos right at 4pm of the valley....but first must get well.

  3. Not going to make it for this challenge.still hot the flu.

    1. that just stinks. I hope you feel better SOON.


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