Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What Inspires You Wednesday: Morocco

Patterns & Color

Much like last Wednesday, I am inspired by some things that I am working on for a client.
My inspiration is coming from a place of bohemian-old-world, meets Morocco, mixed with a modern flair.  Oh yeah, we're talking a boatload of happy design here people.

There is no shortage of inspiration to be had when it comes to this kind of design. I simply love it all.

Look at all these different patterns that work together just beautifully.

Riad Decor, Northern Medina, Marrakech, Morocco - Handmade tiles can be designed and customized by ceramic designers 

Swoon worthy colors combinations (including the outfit).

marrakech jardin majorelle 
source: blasfemmes

Patterns, textures, shapes, combined with natural elements and brightly hued pigments that all work together.


photos by: armelle habib

I very much appreciate the clean lines and mostly neutral colors of Scandinavian design, but every time I try to pull it off in my own home, I just can't quite do it. I apparently have a need for color and pattern because it usually ends up looking more bohemian than I intended. I think that's why this project is really speaking to me and inspiring me.

What's inspiring you today?

Big news here in the North. I had my first cuppa tea of the season on the back stoop this morning. Ah................that feels better. Thank you Spring.  There may be a distinct crispness in the air today, but mornings on my back stoop means there is a never want for sun on your face. Unless of course it's cloudy. A lovely spot for a cuppa and a ritual of sorts.

Make your Wednesday fantastic!

Ciao for now,


  1. I love the different blue pillows and the art print with the yellow frame. I normally stick with black, white and silver frames, but this is such a fun way to add a pop of colour. I have a black and white print that might look awesome in a coloured frame.

    1. i have a tray that color yellow. fun stuff. and i like the idea of a whole bunch of white and silver with one frame in yellow. unexpected.

  2. Those colours make me swoon and after reading this post I want to add more colour to my flat:) So cheery and spring perfect. Btw: so pleased that spring is finally here...enjoy it, darling. xoxo

    1. Oh me too Diana. Honestly it was a long cold lonely winter (hmmm,where have i heard that before?). people were hunkered down in their houses here. I'll miss the woodstove fires, but not hauling wood and the bitter cold. I am ready for warmer weather and more campfires out back. have a lovely day

  3. I really love the last image. Something about the lightness of those colours at the moment is really singing with me.

  4. pretty pretty colors................bright and cheery.


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